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89 - Europa SBC
WHAT a bargain
By hisashirockz, 23-02-2019

Rivals: DIV 4

Weekend League: Gold 2 mostly

I don't think this review will be published by the time the SBC is over, but I'm gonna write it down anyway. So up until recently, I have been using UCL live Cavani to partner my RTTF Ben Yedder upfront. The idea was to have more dimensions in my attack by having two opposite type of players. Cavani scores many goals for me, he delivers, but sometimes can be frustrating to use (if you're interested please check my out my other review for UCL Cavani). And in truth, in ligue 1, there are not too many options for a striker. So I was excited by the prospect of this card. And you won't believe how cheap this card is. As I'm writing right now, the coins needed to complete the SBC is 44K. That is equivalent to the cheapest 89 card out there like Isco and David Silva, and you get 30K and 35k pack back. So in theory you should make profit just by completing this card. I thought this was very nice from EA. 

Now, given that the card is cheap, I did not expect much out of the card. I was going to try replacing Cavani with him for a few games, and if it does not work, put Cavani back in. But it has been 25 games running (all rivals), 34 goals and 11 assist later, I don't think I'm putting Cavani back in anytime soon. I keep wondering how did EA manage to release a card with this quality so cheap?

Let me show you a little fact to see how good the value of this card is. So out of all the 89 rated players in FIFA 19, Falcao's SHOOTING stats is the highest compared to everyone at 92. This is better than 500K mid Shearer, mid Lineker and baby Van Basten. It is even better than 3 million baby Eusebio. I know just looking at a single stats does not prove anything, but I want you to realize what a bargain this card is and how this card is made with one single mind, GOALS.

Grading policy:

I grade each respective categories based on the base/game stats, and how well they perform relative to that expectation. So, if a person has a 70 pace stats, and his run feels like 70, I would give him the same grade to that category, which is 7. And I would scale the grade up and down based on how they out-perform / under-perform their own stats. 

Chem used: Architect.

Used Position: ST

PACE: 8.5/10

If the 76 pace put you off, I tell you worry not. This card does not feel slow in game, and it runs like 80 something. I used UCL Live Cavani and Benzema who had 80 something pace before, and believe me, Falcao's run feels faster than any of them. And I don't even boost this part with any chemistry.


This is without a doubt, a solid perfect 10. Not only the ridiculous amount of goals that he scores, but it is also his general involvement in the forward play. For me, Cavani was good and efficient, but he is most often missing from the game than not. Falcao possesses equal if not better attacking instinct, and make sure that his presence is felt throughout the game. And he is not wasteful either. My RTTF Ben Yedder scores TONS of goals, yet misses half of them. Falcao, will bury 4 out of the 5 chances that he has. Right foot, left foot, header, volley, you name it. Though a bit short, he has 99 jumping and 96 heading accuracy. I even scored 3 overhead kick out the 34 he scored so far. I don't give any boost to his attacking stats with them because I thought it would be wasteful and it is good as it is.


I find that Falcao's passing and dribbling is not spectacular, but they complete Falcao's game as a whole. Dribbling with him is not heavy and he is pretty quick to turn. Passing is a bit weak at the start, so boosting that with a chemistry is essential depending on how you play. I use architect on mine, and it has been doing wonders so far. In general, I'm more than pleased with his passing and dribbling. 


He is not weak to start with, but could use a little boost to his strength and aggression. Thats why I use architect on him to boost both stats to 92, and I assure you, he can't be budged. It is not easy to steal the ball away from him and he can shrug the defender pretty easy. The stamina looks low in a glance, but I never had any problem with it. Playing him as a striker with stay forward instruction will keep him fresh for the whole game (even extra time).


If the SBC is alive by the time this review is published. Let me tell you, COMPLETE THE SBC now. Even if you don't need the player, you will get two packs with total 65K value, plus an 89 card with around 45k value. So it is basically FREE PACKS. You are being paid by EA to receive a single card. There is no way you will make loss out of this SBC. And if for some reason you decide to try him out, you will not regret it. The BEST value of a card that I have ever seen in FUT. He is pretty hard to linked, but he is good enough for most of the 1st team squad out there. But if not, the bench. If not, a free SBC fodder. Anyway you want to use it. For me though, this card has been a magnificent striker and I am planning to keep him for a bit more.

+ Killer instinct for goals

+ The best shooting stats among the 89 rated striker

+ Good pace, good dribble

+ Very fun to use

+ One and only card design

- A bit lacking in height

- Passing need to boosted by chem

Formation: 41212
Position: ST
Games: 25
GPG: 1.36
APG: 0.44
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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