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Ronaldinho - 89 - Icon
Joga Bonito Dinho
By Stefanu17, 03-03-2019

As an AC Milan fan I got in the eyes his presentation on the summer 2008... the speaker in San Siro screamed loudly his name... fireworks... ovations... wow! and I'm very happy to achieve this card at this point of the game, really I think that only Icons can give this to this videogame.

I mean, I perfectly know that for THIS price I should get a better player but... Dinho is unique. Basically you pay the player's skin and animations. The former is usless, the latter is interesting. Let's see how this guy performs in game (Rivals and SB at Legendary skills)

Pace 8/10: this version represents the "dropping" phase of this legend career, and honestly in 2008-2011 he was far from the speed he got on his prime. By the way, in FUT 19 speed is not so important, expecially if you play a narrow formation with short passing to get near the keeper. His speed is enough to do that and surprisingly even if you play as LF in a 4 3 2 1 formation (switched in game to keep the 10 chem).

Shooting 9/10: I bought this guy with hawk and 2 shots every 3 attempts went on the post. Post bar post bar... Switched on Deadeye and I saw the light: this guy scores 8 times in the first 10 games, not bad for a CAM. His positioning is very impressive, he makes amazing runs on the space despite the workrates suggests a static player. Use properely the instructions and he plays as an additional striker.

Technical skills 10/10: I'm not a skiller, to be honest I got the same reflexes of a blind walrus. Basically with this guy you may randomly move the sticks in order to perform effective skills. Even the fake shots are OP, much much more than I can see on other players. I think this is due his peculiar animations, or his hairstyle that can hypnotize the opponents... Even the passing is very good, expecially on the corners you may feel the curve is OP.

Physical 8/10: surprisingly strong on the ball, jumping is nothing special and you may notice that because he's not an aerial threath (I switched him with KP Boateng, my previous CAM... he was excellent on headers). So do not spam crosses with Dinho, play with quick and short passes even to save his stamina. Oh yes, stamina... use the instuctions and you will not have problems.

Fun Factor 10/10: this is the main reason to buy this card, not the performance itself. Icons are good cards, but of course the price-quality ratio is lower than other cards. Are you a PRO? Are you aspiring to be the Universe FUT champion? You got a nettle rush every time you see a value under 90 on stamina? Stay away from Dinho. You want to enjoy this game again? Try him, prepare to lose (maybe) some games and open your hearth to the Joga Bonito.


Fun factor


Formation: 41212-2
Position: CAM
Games: 10
GPG: 0.80
APG: 0.80
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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