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87 - Carniball-SBC
87 Carniball Hulk Review
By JabraPhD, 14-03-2019

In this review we look at the pretty promising card of Carniball Hulk. His SBC dropped on friday and will be available till next friday. I paid about 240K for this Card and if you have some Untradeables u can get him for even less. For me his IG highlights were his 99 shotpower combined with his 95 longshots as well as his 96 strength. I used the Hunter chem style on him to boost his Pace but i think you could also go for something that boosts his agility, depending on your playstyle.

I used him in the team mentioned above as the left CAM. I played Ibra up front with Roo behind him and Inaki on the right. My two CDMs were Telles and Gerrard while i played Azpi as a LB and Rijkaard and David Luiz as the two CBs.

In my first 10 Games with him he managed to score 4 goals and assist another 3. Those were all Divison Rivals games in Divison 3. In the end i was on 4 game losing streak, which pushed down his numbers a little bit.

Pace 8.5/10: With the Hunter chem style he gets to 97 acceleration and 96 sprint, so theoretically he was pretty much maxed out. He felt a little bit slower though (more like the 94 of Ibra with Hunter), but this could also be because of his body, which reminds me of our lord and saviour Akinfenwa. He will get to the through balls you play to him, but dont expect him to outrun the likes of Varane or Ferdinand.

Shooting 9.5/10: Together with his physicality this is his best stat. With the Hunter chem style he gets 91 positioning and 92 finishing, not touching his shot power and his longshots. His longshots are mental. Id say he has the 2nd best longshots in my team (only behind Roo). A little downside is, that i have no other player that hits the crossbar or the post as much as he does. In theory, his 3* weak foot isnt a problem, because he can still produce bombs with it, but every single fifa player knows that he is left footed, so you have to play pretty patient to get off a good shot on goal.

Passing 9/10: I cant say too much about his passing because he was more like a finisher and crosser for me rather than a creator. But he nearly never made a bad pass, while his crosses (probably also because of his shotpower) were very accurate and strong and i could score quite some headers with my tall guys up front.

Dribbling 8/10: This is probably his weakest significant stat.He does have 78 agility, but because of his size he still feels clunky. I think you could get rid of that by applying an engine chem style on him, but i havent tried it out myself yet. His 64 Balance on the other hand wasnt a problem at all. His ballcontrol and dribbling were also quite good. With his 87 reactions he scored quite some goals after the first attempt got blocked and as i already mentioned above, he missed some chances, which was mainly due to his 81 composure.

Defending N.A.: Because i played him as a left CAM, i cant tell too much about his defending. He was good at chasing down the RBs and once he got to an opponent, it could often happen that he simply pushed them away. I think you cant really ask for more from a CAM.

Physical 9.5/10: One of his stand out stats. For a CAM his physicality is incredible. His jumping isnt the best, so when he gets covered by a tall CB, he wont get above him. But because of his 96 strength and 86 aggression, he can push away a lot of defenders and get himself the chance for a header or get control of the ball.

Summary: If you have about 1-5 mil on your account, i can definitely recommend him to you. The summary of his stats are simply unmatched for his price. But he wont solo win you games, so if you cant buy other good players around him, there are better options.

Thanks for reading my review and please let me know if you liked it or hwo i could improve!









Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 10
GPG: 0.40
APG: 0.30
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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