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84 - SBC
5 Feet and 9 Inches of Dutch magnificence
By staantheman, 15-03-2019

As you can tell from the title, Haps is good. He is very good. Some might even say the best to ever do it. Personally, I wouldn't go that far, however, the potential is there with a possible further upgrade.

I managed to get him for a lot cheaper than his current price as I had completed the FC Utrecht SBC prior to the 'extinct' players' price caps being increased. So for me, he was definitely worth the 100k odd I managed to get him for. I don't believe he is worth more than 200k though, mainly because he is extremely limiting when it comes to links, especially if you don't have ICONS.

After using him in 100 games (90 of which were in the Weekend League), I felt it was time to share my experience with him.

PACE: The big one! Now, this is very tricky for me, as for the first 30 games I used him in, he had an Anchor. I did this because I thought he'd be fast enough with just a slight increase to his pace and I wanted to increase his Jumping as well as he is only 5'9. This didn't go that great as I felt he was getting outpaced off the ball by players such as: FFS Saint-Maxim, Sterling, BALE (all the time) Mbappe, POTM Lucas and Headliner Pepe (87).

This become more and more frustrating so I decided to put a shadow card on him. WOW, this did wonders, he suddenly started to not only outpace all of these people whilst they had the ball at their feet, but whilst he was dribbling himself. It was wonderful. The sheer speed he would run down the line at was just mesmerising. One tactic I found worked well when I was in need of a goal and was struggling was to perform 1-2 pass with him using LB(L1) or sending him on a run manually using the same button. There were still occasions where my opponent would just run past me but that was more so due to my manual defending error than the card being 'slow'. Overall, I feel like a shadow must be used, but that is a lot to do with my style of play - stay back, press on heavy touch, quite a high defensive line.

SHOOTING: In all honesty I don't think I've ever had a single shot with him or if I did it was certainly nothing memorable.

PASSING: Oh yes. His passing. Short passes a very accurate and consistent, only time I've ever had an issue is when I've panicked and tried to pass to a player directly behind him without turning around. Crossing is effortless. Switching the play with him is easy. I do recommend only using his left foot though as his 3* weak foot isn't all that accurate. Overall, don't try and use him like he's Pirlo or Xavi but do feel confident that he will be able to play a comfortable pass out from the back.

DRIBBLING: As mentioned in the 'PACE' section of this review, his runs with the ball are spectacular. His high agility and balance make him very fun an easy to move whilst he has the ball at his feet. He hasn't got the ability of a winger per say, but you can definitely make up some ground with him. What is great about this card is that even if you do get tackled with him, his speed can usually get the ball back very quickly or get him back into position. Overall, use him as much as you'd like, he won't do Neymar type dribbles but he will be enjoyable to have with the ball.

DEFENDING: HAHA, that's me laughing at a lot of people who have RW/RM in their starting line-up or on their bench. He is very difficult to get past. With a SHADOW he has 92 Standing tackle and 99 Sliding. On top of that his 97 Interceptions and 95 Marking (both with SHADOW) make getting the ball to the intended target very difficult anyway. Wether you are using him manually or letting the AI do it's thing, he will keep the left side of your final third quiet. Overall, He isn't a god so don't expect to NEVER concede as that is very unrealistic. We as players are all human and will make a mistake eventually and let a player pass him. On the other hand, don't be discouraged, I'm simply trying to keep things realistic when I mention 'Negative' things.

PHYSICAL: This is a though one, In regards to Stamina, he never goes under half a bar. As long as he has 90 fitness or higher before the start of a match, he can make it to the 120th minute with ease. Jumping and strength on the other hand are a bit different. For the most part he will win his headers against the opposing winger/wide midfielder. That being said, taller and more athletic players such as Bale and Mbappe will give him a run for his money in this department. When using an ANCHOR it helped a tad but not enough to make up for the 'lack' of pace. His strength isn't terrible but nor is it amazing. His high balance actually helps him stay on his feet on most occasions but again, when it comes to more athletic and 'thicker' players he will have to keep his distance and go for a slide or standing tackle as opposed to just shoving them off the ball like Van Dijk. Overall, he can run forever but won't be winning a strongman competition anytime soon.

This is the first review I've done so I'm sure there are mistakes and for that I am sorry.

P.S I've given Haps an overall 4.5/5 star rating as I don't think anyone can really be 'Perfect' and as there is always room for improvement!

PACE (with a Shadow)

Dribbling (mainly agility and balance)

Short passing




SIZE: His height is limiting when it comes to headers as back post headers can be an issue if the opponent as a tall winger.

SHOOTING: I'd imagine his shooting isn't great but as a LB I personally wouldn't consider it a reason to not try this card. (I have listed it as a con for those who like to shoot with their LB's)

Formation: 4231
Position: LB
Games: 100
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.02
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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