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The Real Kluivert
By Avalius1987, 01-04-2019

The title is called the real kluivert since this card is what his prime should have been! I saw there are alot of reviews here but I decided to actually play two weekend leagues and alot of rival games with him before writing this review. You're reading this because you're unsure, I hope I can help you with that. I've tested him for 108 games a mix of rivals, WL (G1) and some squad battles on legendary. He played as the tip of the spear in a 4231. He scored 108 goals and gave 52 assists. Most people will say that this is a great contribution on paper it is. Ingame he could have had 200+ goals.

He isn't the finisher I wanted. His movement off the ball is good, always in the good position. But when he is one on one with the keeper it has 75% of going in the other 25% is something weird. You can shoot with the same shotpower everytime, sometimes it's a banger other times it's a miss. For this price I didn't want that.

Crossing and corners is another story, he is the boss! The finishing could be fifa.. who knows a perfect green timed shot from 8 yards should go in simple as that.

I won't dump this card still one of the best striker icons I've used. He is above the bunch but below the top icons. For me he plays better than Hernandez, Klose, Crespo, Lineker, Vieri, Van Nistelrooy, Shearer, ..

If those cards get a moments it another story. He is not as good as R9 or CR7.

I used an Engine on him. He is alot quicker with the balance boosted, finishing is high enough without chemistry.

  • Strenght
  • Pace (He isn't fast like mbappe or Gervinho but with his strenght if he's gone.. he's gone!)
  • Headers
  • Movement off the ball
  • Passing (Great passer!)
  • Sometimes his finishing brain has fatal errors (Could be the FIFA engine to)
  • Not agile like Crespo or Aguero
  • Stamina (Only in Extra time)
Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 108
GPG: 1.00
APG: 0.48
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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