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91 - SIF
Cavani, a true game-changer
By ItalianTacticz, 02-05-2019

I have only played 10 matches with his SIF, after having previously used his UCL 90 card (27Goals/30Games) I already knew how to handle and play with Cavani so with that came 5 goals in his debut. He has since scored 17 goals and assisted 4 goals in 10 games playing division rivals. He is equipped with the Hunter chemistry as he came with it. Played as a striker in a 4-2-4 (isn't available here) for all the games having Di Maria on his right side and Kevin Prince Boateng as the complementary striker for the first games and now Griezmann took that role because of his silky dribbling and mobility compared to Prince. Cavani has exceeded all expectations, if you play him with a link up partner his pace is actually a complimentary feature. He runs perfectly paced when getting a one-two back to his feet through one-on-one with the goalkeeper. This allows you to plan your action as to wether you wanna shoot right away or try and finesse the keeper with either a lob or a run around. I'm not gonna play no more games before writing this players first review, he netted 5 goals in both his 1st match and in his 10th. Near-post corners is a joke with this guy, I've felt bad for more than a couple of games as he has on several occasions scored multiple corners in the same match and you just wonder if you're actually cheating

DOMINATES the areal department in your oppositions box

GREAT passing for link up play and high pressure counter attacks

NO defender will push him off the ball wether you have him at sprint speed, or if you just protect the ball slightly in build up situations

FANTASTIC finishing, will score all types of goals from every inch in and in front of the penalty box. Gets shots off quickly after a turn or a dribble, unlike some forwards in this game. Finesse shots great with both feet

COMPLIMENTARY workrates makes him chase the oppositions build up play and quite a few times he wins the ball back quickly with his size which makes for great scoring chances.

DRIBBLES like most world class number 9's do, he makes up for his lack of balance with his 94 reactions, 85 composure and 79 agility (could boost all these if you play him with engine I guess. He only looses the ball when you give him a driven pass and don't play directly back. So try and keep this guy on quick one-two passing and get him into space.

RUNS all game long, his 88 pace (on Hunter) along with his 94 stamina makes him just relentless if you put him on Get in Behind in the second half. The opposing defenders will look like elementary kids in comparison, from the 70 minute and forward. He is not the guy to run slalom between 4 defenders over the entire pitch, but will win races for the ball that will positively surprise you because they just can't shoulder him off

ACTUALLY no cons, unless we're talking price and you just started playing, like me. Managed to swipe him up for 106,000 coins which was a steal. Best striker I've played with by far in this game. There's nothing that I expected from him and his playing style that he doesn't do perfectly. Great player, both feels like and looks like he does IRL

Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 10
GPG: 1.70
APG: 0.40
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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