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86 - Future Stars
The Other L. Martinez
By hisashirockz, 05-02-2020

Rivals: DIV 4

Weekend League: Gold 2 mostly

Squad used:

My first review for this FUT 20 just because I think this guy doesn't get the love that he deserves. Sure he was not the L. Martinez you all were hoping for this promo, but he is one hell of a player. I always love my stats so let me starts by asking, what stats do you care the most in a CDM? For me it would be pace, dribbling, defence and physicality. If every single one attribute in this bracket (acceleration, agilty, balance, interception, strength etc.) is 80 or above, you have found your perfect match for a CDM because then you can boost some of the stats close to 90 depending on your needs with a chem style. Now, try filter player in FUT who has all of the above attributes above 79/80, there's only ONE player and it is Lisandro. Not even Gullit, not even Vieira. It is LISANDRO freaking MARTINEZ. I put 79 because his heading accuracy is the only attribute that falls below 80 in those categories. Crazy. His price for the stats is even crazier. 60K at the moment of writing. I'm literally shaking my head.

-Grading policy:

I grade each respective categories based on the base/game stats, and how well they perform relative to that expectation. So, if a person has a 70 pace stats, and his run feels like 70, I would give him the same grade to that category, which is 7. And I would scale the grade up and down based on how they out-perform / under-perform their own stats.

-Chem used: Engine

-Used Position: CM with a stay back while attacking (CDM role)


This other L. Martinez is the most balanced and one of the best defensive center mid I've used in game, if not the best. It is funny that his partnership with futmas Acuna in the midfield is my favorite part in my squad, which has the likes of POTM Messi, Prime Pele, OTW Ben Yedder, SIF Van Dijk and TOTY De Ligt. My simple advice, grab Headliners Tagliafico and do yourself a favor and get him now. You will get the best defensively well-rounded CDM in the whole game, and also an investment in a potential upgrade to one of the best LB in the game in Tagliafico (Ajax will surely win 4 straight in a row, right). I also don't see Martinez's price falling any lower than that anytime soon, so it's a no risk investment as well. For more in-depth check below.


PACE: 9/10

With engine, 91 pace and 87 acceleration. More than enough for a CDM. He feels fast and can burst forward when needed, or playing catch with the opponent's attacker. Really more than what I expect from a CDM, hence the rating.


The only negative side of the card, but again you don't need really need it for a CDM do you? I do bring up my CDM to do an overlap run on occasions and honestly, a better shooting or a long shot would come in handy. But he managed to slot in 4 goals out of 10 rivals match, albeit an easy goal or tap-ins. Also tried a couple long shots every now and then hoping for a hidden attribute of any sort, but do yourself a favor and refrain from doing so. It was pointless.


With engine, this guys is just sooo fun to play with. All dribbling attributes go above 90 with engine, combined with 93 short pass and 97 long pass. Tossing the ball around the midfield, getting away from the opponent's press while weighing the right moment to attack are seamless. You combine this with his pace and physicality, oh boy. I check his pass and dribble completion every single game for his first 10 games. He did not misplace any passes except for one game with a severely bad connection.


I wish I could give this category a solid 10 but I prefer engine over anchor on my CDM if they have enough stats. And Lisandro, without any chem boost are good enough in my opinion. He's not a CB so I don't need a 90+ defense, and he has an OVR 86 defense as well as 99 jumping, 80 strength and 90 aggression already. He wins almost every header, very good at shielding the ball, and amazing interception in my opinion. Medium/High work rates also helps a lot in tracking back and staying alert just outside the penalty box and in general, I'm more than pleased with his defensive prowess.


Eredivisie is not very helpful, but Argentinian players offers some options these days. The likes of Messi might be out-of-reach to some, many special argentinian players are punching above their weight this year (Futmas Acuna, SBC Battaglia, SBC Foyth, TOTT Lautaro). Or you can take the fast route, and grab a headliner Tagliafico for the highly coveted perfect link. For less than 200k for this overpowered combo, then you have two less red lines (links) to worry about.


If this guy were french and plays in premier league, you would be adding one more digit of extra zero to his value. So, 60K is a no-brainer for this guy.

+ Defensively well-rounded (the only card in FUT with all pace, dribbling, defense and physic attributes above 80)

+ More than enough pace

+ Amazing dribbling and passing

+ Good defense and physicality

+ 99 JUMP

+ Medium/High


- Not very good attacking-wise

- No real face

- Weak linkability

- 3 star WF/Skill

Formation: 4231
Position: CDM
Games: 10
GPG: 0.40
APG: 0.30
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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