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86 - Player Moments Obj
Absoulute beastly left back. A tech Schulz
By BruhBoysFC, 15-03-2020

This guy is insane. I completed him a while back but due to his record for my club I felt I had to write a review for him. I ran him as a left back in a 4-2-3-1 wide formation with a sentinel as I thought he needed a little defensive boost just to make him that much more solid. He also is 4 star/4 star which is quite useful as well.

Pace- 10/10

This stat speaks for itself. His 95 pace allows him to catch up with the majority of right wingers, and also even if he does miss a tackle he is already back to defend before you even start to complain. Allows him also to pace down the wing and whip in a cross.

Shooting - 6/10

He is a left back, and his shooting isn't the greatest. It doesn't really matter due to his position but to be fair he has scored a couple goals for me.

Passing - 8/10

He definitely isn't an Trent or anything but he is still a great passer of the ball. Despite his 66 long passing he has still played a lobbed through ball down the line putting my winger on through many, many times. His 83 short passing ensures that he doesn't make any stupid mistakes at the back the majority of the time.

Dribbling - 8/10

This card is surprisingly good at dribbling. A lot of times he will get passed the ball from a goal kick and be able to dribble the ball a long way before picking out a pass. His 94 agility compliments his defending stat and allows you track seemingly slippery players with ease.

Defending - 9/10

Although at first he doesn't seem insane at defending, once you put a sentinel on him (I recommend) he turns into a van dijk left back. The chem style brings him up to 91 defending which is unstoppable. He is extremely hard to get by due to his high pace and agility as well. After the boost he gains a 99 standing tackle. This is definitely noticable and when he does tackle someone he goes in strong and usually wins the ball.

Physicality - 9/10

Similar to his defending stat, he doesn't look the strongest at first glance, but I can tell you he is. Despite his 86 stamina he is usually going the whole game and doesn't tire out easily. His 94 jumping is very useful and makes sure he wins the ball from corners and crosses. I rarely concede to back post headers when Davies is there. He has 90 strength and this really shows. Once he catches up using his pace, he bodies players off the ball with ease. His 89 aggression isn't standout but compliments his standing tackle.

  • Pace
  • Stand tackle
  • Agility
  • Jumping
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Reactions
  • Interceptions
Formation: 4231-2
Position: LB
Games: 203
GPG: 0.14
APG: 0.39
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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