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93 - TOTS
So weak
By DonAssil, 06-06-2020

Got him in the Liga NOS guaranteed and i got happy as i needed a supersub. He sometimes made a difference in the late minutes but nothing gamechanging. I changed my teamso he got in as a starter and oh boy is he bad. Apart of the pace he got absolutely nothing. Everybody else seems to love him so ii don't really know what to think. Clearly not worth the coins.

  • Pace
  • Lucky bounces
  • Surprisingly defending : sometimes he comes back on defense with his pace he can get back quickly enough and legit foes under the legs of the opponent
  • Passing
  • Strenght : he goes flying if the defender next to him sneezes too hard
Formation: 4231
Position: RM
Games: 78
GPG: 0.19
APG: 0.14
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (2/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (1/10)
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Well what can i say this guy is honestly one of the best players I've used. After using him in 10 games of div 4 rivals he came out with 12 goals and 12 assists. His card fits the meta perfectly and he feels rapid in game . He is a bargain
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Meta king

I had the opportunity to fit him in my starting eleven, and I saw some reviews about saying he was pretty decent, so I tried him out before weekend league. I am a gold 2 player, but after playing 10 games with Rafa, I am convinced I will reach gold 1, or even an elite 3. There is something that makes him better than other wingers, apart from the fact that he has amazing stats. His positioning is one of the best I have seen ...
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Used this card last week for the weekend league and in terms of value for money he is one of the best LW/LM's in FUT. I managed to fit him into my team by strong linking with Grimaldo (who is also a beast) and played him at LM in a 4-4-2(2). In this formation the wide players don't get involved too much in terms of shooting, but when the ball dropped to him every now and then he would s...
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