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94 - Summer Heat
Best Free* Attacker in FUT History?
By FutbinReviewer, 25-06-2020

Morning, Afternoon and Evening All!

You may have seen and even taken the time out to read one of my 3 previous reviews, and if you have done so you'll have picked up that I enjoy conducting these longer, more in-depth reviews to help the community out to make a thorough judgement on whether a card is worth the time or resources. I stated in the title that this Bruno was free, of course that comes with an asterisk, time is money, it's June, so on and so forth. Anyway, I clarified in my recent Ndombele review and will go on to do the same here, I am not a Manchester United fan nor a Sporting fan, and I am not Portuguese, so I have no strange affection towards Fernandes. Both the grind and the review took a fair chunk of my time so a cheeky like would be much appreciated and without further ado, let's get into the reason why you're here.

Chemistry Style: Sniper. I chose the sniper chemistry style due to it's offer of a substantial finishing and agility boost, amongst other vital in-game statistics in the shooting and dribbling department. I would also suggest engine, hawk, or should you be playing Bruno in a more box-to-box or secondary CDM role, an anchor.

Position: Central CAM (4231). As was alluded to above, I believe this card can be utilised in any midfield position aside from a primary CDM, if you decide to play Bruno as one of the CDM's in a 4231 you need a Kante or a Vieira to compliment Fernandes' flair and passing ability. For me, a CAM position where he drops back every once in a while to break up the play or make a recovery is perfect for this card.

Pace (92): For an attacking midfielder, 92 pace is pretty much perfect and certainly something I personally didn't feel an urge to boost, but for you guys who like your pace, engine, hawk and hunter are all available to make this card a speed demon. The acceleration is immaculate meaning this card is always quick to get onto loose balls either in the box or in the middle of the pitch, and works well with his 94(99 with sniper) reactions as well as his 91(96 with sniper) positioning. Ultimately, unless you are heavily reliant on pace which is understandable at such a point in the game, his pace is incredible in a CAM role and needs no improvement.

Shooting (94/99 with sniper): So, the shooting, a point of excitement and perhaps slight concern for people eyeing up this card. His positioning as discussed before is very usable, particularly in a CAM position. The finishing, a concerning 87 but 99 with a chemistry style. So how does it feel in game? Right, time to admit something, half of the time he stepped in to the box I thought he was Neymar! This man finishes everything, the big boost from sniper matched with the already high composure makes him a menace in front of goal, and when you bring the shot power in it's just magical. Finally, the main attraction, the long shots. This guy has by far the best long shots I've experienced on this FIFA, coming from somebody who regularly uses Neymar in a CAM position and recently packed 93 Gullit(13 packs in but we won't talk about the 4 Okocha's I pulled). His shooting has maybe the finest combination of power and accuracy I have used and shooting with this card is just a joy. Certainly feels like the 99 it suggests once sniper is applied. And my experiences with his finishing is the key reason I would urge you to apply sniper.

Passing (96): Another key attribute of Bruno's and honestly I feel as if it isn't worth going into depth on, look at the stats, EVERY single one is above 94 and you feel it. Precision in the shot, precision in the pass, this guy is the definition of a number 10. Magnifico!

Dribbling (96/99 with sniper): One I do feel a need to plunge into depth on. On first viewing of this card, an understandable concern would be the agility and balance, both of which are under 90 which at this point in the game is an immediate concern. However, I have reassurance. Once a sniper is applied and you reach an impeccable 98 agility and 94 balance, his lean body type makes you feel this improvement and he turns into an complete magician on the ball. The reactions and composure are next level, the dribbling and ball control the same, with the right chemistry style I feel you should have no complaints about how this Fernandes card dribbles. Magnificooooo ok I'll stop saying it now but seriously this guy is next level.

Defending (75): Just shows what a madness EA have done with this card, he can even defend, and with his high/high work rates the 84 interceptions will often come in clutch and his very respectable 76 defensive awareness and 73 stand tackle mean he will often recover the ball high up the pitch before using that pace, shooting, passing or dribbling to begin or finish an attack. As discussed, this Bruno can without doubt play a box-to-box or secondary CDM role, just make sure to apply an anchor or even a sentinel.

Physical (84): 99 stamina is 99 stamina, not something I will go in on, he lasts all game whatever position or circumstances may face him. As for the jumping, 81 with an average height of 5'10 means that he can win most aerial battles apart from when he faces the likes of Gullit and Vieira but when all in said and done, who beats those dudes in aerial duels either way. In a CDM position it may cause concern you would think, but with the meta being smaller more agile attackers, I assume Bruno would dominate aerially. As for his strength and aggression, I believe it is completely fine, 76 and 79 respectively at CAM is perfectly fine and probably above average if we look at other high-end CAM's, and if you decide to play him in a CDM position and apply the anchor I would recommend, 81 and 89 respectively is also more than fine, especially in a box-to-box role.

Weak Foot (5*): Do I have to expand? Perfection, just like so many other things on this card. Takes his shooting and passing from incredible to out of this world.

Skill Moves (4*): Not perfect, and a lack of 5* Skills can be a problem at this point but in a central role I value weak foot much higher.

Work Rates(High/High): Perfect for a box-to-box or secondary CDM, maybe not perfect for a CAM but I feel it's benefits majorly outweigh it's drawbacks. A great set of work rates in my opinion.

That's the usual review finished, if you have got to this point I appreciate greatly that you have taken the time out of your day to read this long review. I will probably review the new Firmino card heavily expected to drop tonight, make sure to leave below anyone else you would like to see me review. If I can't compose a full review, I will reply to your reply with a shorter review if I have tried the card. Below are a few new things I would like to add to my reviews, where we look at a similar player, a cheap alternative and the best links.

Similar Card: TOTY KdB (TOTS has much better defending).

Cheap Alternative: Well, this is awkward...

Best Links: PM B. Silva, FB Pogba (I packed him a while ago and never really got round to using him, got a chance in this review, insane box-to-box!) as well as any special Rashford card.

Anyway, thanks for reading and should you complete this card? YES!!!! It's a grind but trust me, this guy is one of the finest players I have had the joy of using this year, let alone one of the finest CAM's. Is he better than TOTS Neymar? Maybe not, but somehow, he's not far off at all! Please complete this objective.

I wish you love, peace and eternal well-being for you and your family.

By FutbinReviewer.


Positioning/Finishing (Sniper)

Shot Power/Long Shots

Passing Range

Set-Piece Ability

Agility/Balance (Sniper)


Ball Control/Dribbling


Tackling Stats For A CAM



Strength/Aggression For A CAM

5* Weak Foot

4* Skill Moves

Lean Body Type

Work Rates

Card Design

Easy Objectives

90, 91 And 92 Cards Become Easy SBC Fodder


*Jose Mourinho Voice* I Have Nothing, Nothing To Say

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 15
GPG: 2.93
APG: 1.33
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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