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90 - Bundesliga POTM
A Monster Striker
By special3220, 29-09-2019

Lewandowski this year almost feels like a cheat code, he is just truly amazing to play with and super easy to score goals with him as well. He is banging in goals every match and I cant express how good he really is. I am not a very good fifa player and this early with people having low rated team maybe making him look too good but I just cant make out any flaws in this card. First of all his shooting is out of this world. He scores from almost everywhere and his long range shots are always on target. I think there maybe some issue with the shot power as the shots goes in too fast and maybe EA will tone it down in near future or it is just Lewandowski!

I believe you can play him as a CAM as well if you want as he is very easy to control and feels good to handle as well. Last year I did the Aubameyang POTM and played with him till February but this year I think this card is much better than what I had last year. Also I think Fifa 20 is well suited for striker with good shooting and shot power instead of raw pace.

  • Shot Accuracy
  • Shot Power
  • Movement around the box
  • Finishing
  • Physical strength and ball hold up

Cant really think of any.

Formation: 433-2
Position: ST
Games: 31
GPG: 1.84
APG: 0.39
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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What is even his card

Where do i even start. He has everything you need on a striker, pluss some extra. I packed him in a 2 player pack, and i have only played like 10 games with him, but he is incredible. He is fast, really good shooting, really good dribling, and insane physical. He scores every time im inside the box, and almost everytime outside. He is one of my favourite cards in this game by far.
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What a Card!!

So I was lucky enough to pack this guy in an untradeable pack. First, let me tell you about some strikers I have used so far. I tried R7 and base R9. Both were good if you have fast wingers and good CAM. Otherwise, they could not create a lot of chances and make runs into the goal especially in DIV2 or WL. After I got Lewandowski, I used him in several positions. In 442 I used him as a left striker besides Ben yedder. He wa...
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Best striker under 100k!

Stats:Games: 28Goals:27Assits: 9First of all Lewa is an amazing player for your squad. I'll go over all his stats in this review so setback and enjoy!Pace: 8/10You're obviously not buying lewa for pace, but with a hunter chemstyle he is surprisingly fast. He has no problem breaking away from defenders with the combination of his physicality so pace is not a pro...
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