77 - Normal
Possibly the best RB in the game?
By fcodjur, 06-10-2019

Where should i begin... im going to try and keep it short but i could go on for a good while why this player really should be your go-to pick for your bundesliga or even hybrid squad.

Lets get straight to the point! The Pace, height and physical strenght combo, essentially what you should be looking for in a full back in this meta, is what really makes this player stand out.

To me there is no other fullback, even stretching across to the left back position, that can compare with Mbabu. Ive tried a lot of different options but mbabu is just your stand out number one.

His base pace stats are incredible which gives you great options with chem styles being able to boost both his physical and also defending stats. Using backbone or sentinel you really have the complete full back for your squad.

Once ingame he never lacks presence, he will catch up with any winger, will outmuscle practically any striker, he is just phenomenal. You can really feel his strenght and pace as you run side by side with the quickest and strongest players on the game. I never had any problem holding down either sané or neymar for example. He works hard, you really get the feel he is all over the pitch.

You all really have to try this card!

  • Affordable
  • Great pace
  • Great strenght
  • Good height
  • Overall most viable rb in the game
  • Bad links
  • Poorly balanced stats, his prominent stats are pace and physical.
  • Can get caught out of position sometimes during counters
Formation: 4222
Position: LB
Games: 46
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (2/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (10/10)