FIFA 21 Comment

2020-11-06 11:11

with Long with the objective he´ll we insane. If EA will release a special Goalkeeper Card from the US. HOLY MOLYYY

2020-11-06 12:11

Additionally, if you think about it, Schmeichel is "only" 300k. So you pay 350k for a good GK, maybe the best non-icon CB in the game, another CB that has similar stats to 500k Rulebreaker Laporte and a LB that is similar to 130k Mendy.

That backline in the Premier League would easily cost you FOUR TIMES the price. At what cost? Their links are self-sufficient, especially with the GK-Sub strategy and it's really not that hard to get the only two strong links necessary in the rest of the team to make this work.