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83 - Rare
My Oh My (In Depth Review)
By MyOhMy, 08-10-2020

um well what a player.

This is my first review since '20 and i was lucky enough to pack this beaut out of a gold upgrade which inspired me to do an indepth review on.

Firstly the essentials, RDM in a 4222, balanced in everything, i didnt touch it. 14g, 10 assists in 38. (Anchor)

Pace 8/10: i thought he was a good little player last fifa with in 70's pace but wow is he rapid for his height, he can afford to go forward everytime and be trusted to track back with ease throughout the match. He is able to catch up to most of the fast attackers for the whole 90 minutes which is so useful!

Shooting 7.5/10: to my surprise big fed is actually pretty damn clinical for this fifa's concern. After 40ish games it came to me that his positioning plus his vision was so noticeable, when attacking he always lurking at the edge of the box in great positioning which then leads to a goal scoring opportunities, atleast 50% of his goals came from the edge fo the box and to put the icing on the cake he is able to finish 1on1's most of the time, not all but for a central minded player it is more than enough.

Passing 9/10: magnifica! Valverde is a lethal passer in this game. His vision + Long passing was a dream to be playing with, most of assists went to him long balling it towards Timo Werner for him to finish the 1v1. but the short passing is the one that gets me. Goodness gracious me, i thought that players were not able to execute a 3 yard pass but this man can!;) No but in all seriousness you give the ball to him and he is able to do anything with it without losing it. Would be a great box to box!

Dribbling: 8/10: on paper this el nino is a great dribbler, which for the most part he is. His composure on the ball is mesmerizing + is ball control = success. I think his height and balance causes him to just simply fall for no reason, it's either a glitch that needs to be patched or it is what it is. Overall besides that incident he is a great dribbler for the start of Fifa, he is an all round beast.

Defending: 9/10: lmao what do i have to say but those stats do not reflect in game performances. Firstly, he is such a reliable stand tackler and also a very good slide tackler when needed. His successful tackle is ALWAYS int he 90's. it is so effective when the opponents are playing very attacking and he simply just gets the ball back and starts an attack! Finally, 59 heading? more like 89 heading my man has scored atleast 25% of his goals with his head and won many 1v1 duels in the air what a lie of a stat. Superbe!

Physique 9/10: This is just going to be shirt and simple, he is able to easily last the full 90mins and is more then strong enough to hold off the fast players, thats it literally, he ticks the boxes for this department. He covers small and fast players by out strengthening them and he is able to cover strong players by outpacing them, what else do you want for a cdm?

IN conclusion, get this man in your squad, he may be 70k at the time of this review but he is damn worth it, fits meta, good links with real madrid and is super reliable!!!

  • Sprint speed
  • vision+long passing
  • Strength and stamina
  • All round defending
  • Long shots
  • balance?
  • may be clunky
Formation: 4222
Position: CDM
Games: 38
GPG: 0.37
APG: 0.26
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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General Fede

Got lucky enough to pack him literally 10minutes after him being in packs in some saved up packs that i had.Had Prime Keane before and he is thousand of levels above (obviously).Played him next to Renato FB in a 4231 last WL, he owned the midfield in every single game i played. 10/10 worth the price.
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