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89 - FUT Freeze SBC
Is he actually overpriced?
By DjMari0, 25-12-2020

I did this SBC because he looked like an insane midfielder. I have used a lot and even some icons and I can confirm he is the bets Midfielder I have used, CM, not CAM or CDM. And yes he is really expensive but I wouldn’t say that he is really overpriced considering you can use fodder and make it a lot cheaper, plus for me I have felt him better than Pogba RB, and In Xbox he is just around 30k more expensive, but in PC and PS4 he is actually cheaper than Pogba. Expensive? yes, a lot but overpriced I don’t think so, compared to similar options. Now an icon, baby Gullit for example is more expensive than him but Firmino is better. Obviously I know they are icons and Laudrup baby wouldn’t be that price if he wasn’t an icon. They cost more than they should because of his link to everyone and because it feels amazing to play wait icons. But my point is that comparing to other CM his price doesn’t actually look that bad so that’s why I did him. But I think that the reason why people are complaining is that he is really expensive, I wouldn’t say overpriced but probably people wanted a worse player, but economic, probably a player that was between 150-300k because it’s hard to get 800k without real money. Anyways now let’s talk about how he feels in game.

PACE: He feels quite fast for a Midfielder and will be able to outpace players. He won’t feel like Mbappe but he definitely has the necessary pace

SHOOTING: His shooting is great, plus he has 4* wf. I would like a bit more long shots but I think that it is enough. Something I liked is that he positioned really great, by the way H/H also helps here, and he created a lot of opportunities, which most of the ended in him making an assist or scoring the goal. And he won’t get tired because of his 95 stamina. One of the best attacking CM I have used

PASSING: He barely missed a pass, didn’t matter the foot, or if it was long or short. Provided a lot of assists and the only bad thing I could say about his passes is crossing. But his crosses didn’t felt that bad because his curve is great and it’s helps a lot even if he doesn’t have the best crossing

DRIBBLING: I had used Bobby before and e was an absolute beast at dribbling at this is no exception. Yes, his dribbling was downgraded a little but he still has the magic. His agility and balance are great, it isn’t amazing but enough for making agile dribbling, plus the beautiful 5* skills which makes him a really fun player to use. His reactions are also insane which make him defend like Kante

DEFENDING: Amazing defending upgrade, by far the most complete player I have ever used, he defends like Kante plus his nice phisicality also makes him able to body some players. As I said before he also has really good reactions. He could have a bit more interceptions but he is amazing. For having and idea you could use his loan player which will amaze you because he is really good at all

PHISICALITY: Before, it was problem for Firmino his strength, he wasn’t weak but he wasn’t strong but now with 80 strength, it is enough and even he is able to body some players. As I have said before his stamina helps a lot because he has H/H, so he will be a beast both defending and attacking but will never get tired. His aggression is great too.

CONCLUSION: In my opinion I don’t think he Is overpriced as he is in the same price as Pogba and he has been better. Better than Gullit and you can reduce about 100k or even more the price using fodders that you have. But as I said probably people wanted a worse player but that everyone would be able to afford, between 150-300k. Because 800k is something that not everyone can afford. But talking again about his price, something that makes me think that he isn’t overpriced too is that he is way cheaper than Saint-Maximin or Dembele and yes they are probably good. But definitely not worth 1 mill. So expensive, EA made something REALLY expensive but his price isn’t bad comparing to other players. But he has some alternatives that are way Chelsea and similar, so only make him if you really want a top class CM and have the money. But you could buy Neymar or a really good player for that price, and in my opinion strikers are esencial for he team, Midfielders are important too but not as strikers

Pace with Shadow isn’t bad

Great attacking plus 4* wf is great

Absolute Master Passes

Dribbling is insane plus that 5* skills

He defends like Kante, probably a little worse but he is way more complete

His phisicality is good too


He has a green link with Wijnaldum, Joe Gomez, Van Dijk, Mane, Salah


Could have better long shots

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CM
Games: 8
GPG: 0.75
APG: 0.88
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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