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85 - ShowDown SBC
Very good Central Mid/defensive Mid
By Immy786, 27-12-2020

Let me start of by saying that this is my first review and my first SBC player which i have done this year. The reason is i learnt my lesson from last year - i did too many and wasted so much coins etc on players i never used. The reason why i did Coquelin is that he fitted perfectly in my team without having to move anyone. I have done over 60 80+ player picks which has been very good and i have soo many great players to use for SBC's this year for the ones i really want to use. i chose untradeble packs always

I have played Coquelin in two formations 442 and 4231, i play every week FUT Champs with my cousins and we use them two formations. Everyone has said Coquelin is very solid and good. not one of the 7/8 of us who play/ not all have there own FUT teams but are decent at fifa said they never liked him or was not a upgrade on my 81 fred, this is how we enjoy playing, having ago on each others account, only one of us is a elite player, our youngest at 17, who said he is going to do him now as he really liked his card in game. (rest of us stop at gold 3 with a few games left) i am mentioning this as this because many of us sweat get angry and play too seriously, its a video game and we should just try and enjoy it and not take it too seriously. We can get gold 1 if we play hard, but there is no need, enjoy the game, have fun. We play 7 depth, and enjoy.

Coquelin has great card in game, he is strong, very aggressive which i think important in fifa as it makes the player fight for the ball, even for the second third stupid ricochets the players get fighting and the ball is bouncing around, he will fight for it.

His passing is spot on, surprised many of us as he can ping them across and play short and through balls very well.

Coquelin positioning is very good, he stays back, does not bomb up because most have stay back while attacking on CDMS and he truly does, you can see that in game.

His strength was good, we came up against many good and OP CM cards and he held his own, only had trouble against Gullit, but who wont man.

Shooting is not something which he is good at.

Agility and balance is good, i was surprised and how responsive it was for us even with the bad servers this week like most weeks.

His work-rates for me are great as i like a medium high and a high high pairing.

If you are looking to do this card as you need a solid CM and cant or dont have time to grind for lets say Capa, honestly it is worth it as i only used Oblak, Suarez, Keylor Navas and some other 85's as my high rated cards, rest were of 84-83-82 even, the 80 plus player picks really helped me, do give it a try .

So i hope my review was not boring and maybe a little different as i did speak of other things, but Coquelin for me and my cousins who played this weekend with him, was a solid Central defensive midfielder with great tackling,passing, strength and awesome aggression.

I have linked my team and all my players are untradeable as that is how i like to play the game. Please dont hate my squad but i use them players that i have. after 7 years of ultimate team i got a very good team with good pack luck(pele), otherwise each year it was just rubbish.

Final verdict, Coquelin is a solid defensive mid with all the traits needed in a CM for fifa, agility, balance, strength, aggression and so forth, not much offering in final third apart from good passing, but he is a CDM.

Thanks for your time if you got to this far. have a great day, stay safe and good red picks and pack luck!



Positioning - always runs back into the center

Good pace- surprised not felt slow at all

Decent Agility and balance

Responsive jockey defending

Accurate passing

Good league and arguably best nation in FUT

Shooting is not the best but it is not what i looked for when doing the card

Pricey but worth it for hybrids imo and a CM from france in laliga

Heading was not the best but he will make a decent jump

Height for some - but i prefer one of my CDM/CM shorter, agile paired with a taller one.

Gamble on the +2 upgrade or plus 1

Formation: 4231
Position: CDM
Games: 23
GPG: 0.04
APG: 0.30
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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