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83 - Rare
Baby Gullit is the little Brother of Van de BEEK
By GamingAss1994, 13-10-2020

I started my midfield with the guys Fabinho, Allan & Wijnaldum. They were not bad at all, but in the final relegation match for Division 1 I played against that Monster van de Beek.

He was everywhere on the pitch and scored a totaly banger for the win.. I decided to replace Allan and bring in Van de Beek for atleast 25 games and then i will decide who is better ;)

Well now, how can I explain you that Van de Beek is not only better than Allan, he is also better than Fabinho and the same beast as Wijnaldum!

Every time you need him in your midfield he will be there and catch up the balls, plays a wonderful pass to your striker and you only have to score with him.

In 25 games he scored 7 !! goals from corners , scored another 5 and assists 19 goals!

For comparison my Wijnaldum got 29 goals / 23 assists in 73 games and he is world class for me.

Put a shadow on him and he not only looks like Gullit - he plays like Gullit and is now my boss in the midfield.

Get him, try him and be fast because he will be out of packs on Friday 16th with OTW Team2 Release (Thank me later) ;)

Games played on Central Mid Position: 9x Division 2

16x Division 1

  • Pace feels more like 80, so fast in the midfield
  • Headers especially on corners
  • High stamina (you can pressure the whole game)
  • Prize
  • Passing through the defenders to bring your striker in perfect position
  • Perfect Linkability with Premier League and Holland

  • you have to replace your expensive midfielders like Allan and Fabinho
  • if you are a gullit owner, it's not allowed to play with two gullit's :P
Formation: 433
Position: CM
Games: 25
GPG: 0.48
APG: 0.76
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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OP Allrounder

I'm not really sure why I bought the OTW Van De Beek since he sits on the bench but I really like him as a player and his price dropped a fair bit. I guess if he ever gets an inform I'll update this.He is simply an all rounder, passing, pace, shooting, dribbling, defending and physical are all very good. Nothing stands out, but as a CM he can do everything and some how he manages to do everything for me. I...
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Truly world class

One of the best player used on Fifa 21. He is a beast if you slap on a shadow chemistry. Always at the right ace at the right time. Excellent passing. You can find him scoring bangers often. Worth the coins spend. Should definitely try him out on your squad. Always finds your strikers with some inch perfect through pass.
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Not Good

I used this guy along side de jong (until I can get wijnaldum) and he is just terrible. Juxtaposed with Frenckie and it just amplifies his downsides. He is extremely clunk, he is slow, and he can't get into shooting positions. He is good physically and passing wise, but all his downfalls just shadow these.
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