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86 - UEL Live
By TicccyYT, 28-02-2021

This guy might as well just be an Icon considering the amount of links this guy has and the fact he is BETTER THAN BABY VIEIRA imo. with the extremely likely potential of getting even more upgrades, this guy is definitely someone you should keep your eye on if you are looking to get another end game/god tier card in your arsenal. First of all make sure you use a shadow so he is literally untouchable. Sissoko may aswell be mbappe when he gets going because the pace and power this guy has can make him feel untouchable at times. Whilst his passing is in fact world class and can match players like flashback kroos, i didnt find the weak foot to be an issue with this at all but if you can, stay safe and use his right foot. and then BAM you hit a brick wall, yeah thats sissoko... your opponent has 4 options.

a) get bodied

b) get standing tackle

c) get sliding tackled

d) roll him and then get outpaced and lose the ball anyway.

as expected, yes he is mental and if you want to see some gameplay or check out my full review of him then feel free to check out my latest video on him. all support is greatly appreciated <3 86 RTTF SISSOKO... Yes this is his upgrade, thank me later :) - YouTube Moving on, his dribbling is very interesting, i honestly dont really find him clunky but it is worth noting that his agility can be problematic with 3 star skills, ive further elaborated on that in my video though. And then finally... PRICE, yeah um he is hella expensive but if you are looking to make that jump to a god tier cdm/cm then this card is for you. I personally havent tried him at cdm but my twitch/discord community believe he is incredible at cb so versatility wise this guy can be ideal for alot of teams. however if you arent loaded then please dont get this card and try and spread your coins around your team rather than locking it into one player!!!

  • The Cheap Vieira or The Expensive GOAT
  • Face Card stats and actually truly reflecting that in game
  • Passing is world class... big emphasis on WORLD CLASS
  • Positioning both in attacking and defensive scenarios is always near perfect
  • Physical presence both on and off the ball
  • This guy is FAST
  • My dream work rates of HIGH/HIGH
  • The versatility this guy offers to your midfield
  • LINKS - French and Prem <3
  • Should probably be a boxer with the amount of physicality this guy brings to the table
  • Gameplay for you guys is at 2:40 - 86 RTTF SISSOKO... Yes this is his upgrade, thank me later :) - YouTube
  • Price, even though it is worth it when you compare him to baby vieira, he is still unattainable for alot of people
  • Agility hmmmm, but this is going to get better with time
  • 3 star 3 star :(
  • Finishing but hey he is a cm... HIS SHOT POWER THOUGH HOLY
Formation: 4312
Position: CM
Games: 234
GPG: 0.06
APG: 0.11
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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This card is worth the crazy price, absolutely. I'm a Spurs fan, so the sacrifice was made but wow sissoko does what Hojberg does irl. Completely redefined how my squad plays with his physical presence. The meta attacker's kryptonite, Sissoko bodies EVERYONE. He is the meta CDM. 6'2"; crazy pace; crazy strength and stamina; great defending; but most importantly, he has all the BS animations that the best p...
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Sissoko beast

Hello. This is about the one and only sissoko. In fifa 20 he was to o.p. But this year nothing has changed. His strength is not normal. he is stronger than kante, allan and many others cdm from the prem. His pace is way to ggod with a shadow. we dnt have to talk about shooting because thats trash. His passing is goo enough, also his dribbling. His defence is also very good, He stays at te right time at the right moment. i u...
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As a spurs fan i do not like this man anymore this guy has cost us 2 cups but if he played irl like he does in game with this card he would be in toty every single year. Premier league has like way to many cms,cams,cdms and then you have sissoko a meta player his gold his still pretty good tbh, some people still use him in AUGUST. Sissoko is a brilliant cm we all know he has so much st...
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