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96 - LaLiga POTM SBC
Brings the fun back to Fifa
By S8squid01, 06-03-2021

Long review, but if you are on the fence about completing Messi POTM 96 SBC hopefully I can help. So grab a coffee and strap yourself in.

Bit about me and my team.

I am currently skill rating 2014 on Rivals and have achieved Gold 2 consistently since xmas (got Gold 1 for the first time last week). So I am not the best player but I am above average. I play balanced defence and quick build up so I am used to having less possession but when I do get chances they are usually clear cut.

I played Messi with Hunter alongside RTTF hazard in ST 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow) with Moments Dybala at CAM.

I used roughly 1.3Mil coins (playstation) and loads of untradeable special cards to complete the SBC. This makes me sound rich, yes I have had a fortunate pack which helped but now my club is pretty bare apart from my starting XI. THIS GUY IS EXPENSIVE.

I completed the SBC because I have been a huge Messi fan ever since I watched him score 5 goals in a CL match against Leverkusen back in 2012. Whatever your opinion in the GOAT debate you can't deny he's a superstar.

On to the review...


With Hunter this card has 99 ACC and it shows. Oh my he sets off like an F1 car even on the turn.

His sprint speed is a little lower coming in at 95. He just about gets reeled in by the faster defenders but if he has a couple of yards its unlikely he will be caught before getting into range of his laser shooting


Messi is Messi in this category. Shots from in and around the box almost always find the net if he has adequate space on the pitch. Left foot is a cannon and the right is strong too. I tried some shots from so weird angles and have had my jaw dropped when he has scored or even hit the post from these impossible positions. Finesse and chips are very nice and he even whips out a cheeky outside of the boot when required. I am yet to score a free kick but think that's an issue with my thumbs more than anything.


He is great at linking up play, I use him in a team with base Pirlo (sold Pirlo's Moments for the base to afford this card) and the two just spray balls about like they are in competition with each other. His through balls always arrive had Hazard and Dybala's feet at the right moment for them to shoot. No complaints here.


Rapid, responsive and down right ridiculous. He doesn't have the 5* but that is no issue. He will turn anyone inside out with his close control. Although he doesn't quite get the whole "tackled and keeps the ball" on the same level as Mbappe he consistently gets lucky and retains the ball in the unlikely occasions your opponent can actually get near him. I mean his stat on his card is 98...


I don't use this card to defend

Physical and Stamina

This could be the deal breaker for many. Leo is still weak and can get bodied when side to side with a defender. Though with his passing and dribbling I believe can ensure this avoided. His Stamina is relatively low at this stage of the game. I use him on stay forward and conservative interceptions to save his energy and you will be pleased to know that he will last 90 mins no issue. In ET he gets a bit tired but there is no way you would sub him off he is that dangerous.

Closing words

If you have the facilities and he fits in your team, or you just love Messi, I cannot recommend enough. Complete the SBC as he is an endgame card and who knows you may get lucky from the SBC packs. If he is going to completely take all your coins off you then do have a think about how much you want him. He will definitely elevate your game and make you smile.

Will just take this cheeky opportunity to recommend... Hazard RTTF, FS Dest and any Zanetti.

Unreal acceleration




Weak foot

Strength ( not an issue if you use him to his assets )

Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 12
GPG: 1.58
APG: 0.83
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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