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90 - FUT Birthday SBC
The Man, The Myth, The Ozil
By JoshHarby, 29-03-2021

So, where to begin with this card. I completed him as soon as he released, as an Arsenal fan, I have always been a big fan of Ozil and for 150k it was a no brainer. If you like detailed reviews, then hold on to your Kante and lets do this.

I used this card as a CAM in a 41214 formation with Podolski (obviously) and Freeze Gnabry leading my attack with a Hawk Chem Style. He is very much a player who plays as he does IRL. He will control and I mean CONTROL your attacking movements. He just ghosts into areas of the pitch that other CAM's I use just do not seem to find. Let me divulge.

Pace - 9/10 - I wouldn't say he is rapid, but boy can this guy move. He can pick up the ball in the middle of the park and glide like a swan over a sun glistened lake into the final third or box. His body type combined with the Hawk style aid with this of course. If he is in behind, he will beat most players in a foot race thanks to his Acceleration. Don't think I am talking about Mbappe level speed here, but can he break from deep and cause some major trauma to your opponent? You bet your Pope he can.

Shooting - 10/10 - This is where we get serious for a second. Grab your tissues, and prepare. His shooting is next level. With both the finesse shot and Outside foot shot traits, he is CLINICAL in and around the box. I have used this card in 12 matches and with 18 goals to his name (including a debut hattrick) I can honestly say that he will eat all of his dinner, and come back for seconds. 5* weak foot? Dude...!!!!!! His shot power has been boosted due to the Hawk (main reason for this) and it really tells in his finesse shots. He can bend them, smash them, chip them (duh) and roll them into the net. Overall, if you expect his shooting/finishing to be standard, just wait my friend.. just you wait.

Passing - 10/10 - *Advert* Have you been struggling with through balls? Are they just to long and always run through to the keeper? Are you giving up the possession on a counter attack when your pass just doesn't quite make its target? Do you kick the ball into touch attempting to switch the play?

If you do, then you need OZIL. Gone are the times of lost possession and poor passes. You really can make that through ball you dreamt of. You are the assister your parents are proud of. You are the OZIL. In all seriousness, his passing is a joke. 12 games and 20 assists prove that, he will find pockets of space and deliver a killer or key pass for you. Yes passing in this game is not perfect, but get this card and you can dare to dream.

Dribbling - 10/10 - He glides over the pixeled grass. He is very smooth on the ball and with left stick dribbling you unlock his secret power. He will dance around your opponents like its not even a concern to him how their ankles feel. He will retain possession for you and keep the ball close and care for it always. His skills are quick and responsive. Of course you could boost his agility more with an engine if you must, but with his other dibbling stats being so good, I didn't feel like I would notice a difference. AND I DIDNT.

Defending - 3/10 - Look you are not crafting this card to defend. So the question is, can he make a tackle?... no not really. MOVING ON.

Physical - 7/10 - Another reason I chose the Hawk was to boost his strength. Does this make him The Mountain? No. (Game of Thrones reference... you should watch it if you haven't, very good and would recommend) He has decent strength, enough to hold his own but can be bullied from time to time. His jumping isn't noticeable and his stamina is good for the Full 90, but you will maybe need fresh legs against the sweat of Champs players in ET. Aggression is ok, I mean, he presses the ball... sort of.

To conclude, this man is everything I want from my central CAM. He can pass, shoot, dribble and look damn good doing it. Is he perfect? Not for some but for me he is. You don't craft this card to be a meta hungry loser. You craft this card to enjoy the game, to have fun with your attacks, to try something different. if you need someone to focus your attacks through, get him. For 150kish, he is a steal. Even as a Super sub, he will win you games if you put your trust in him.

Thank you for your time. Happy Hunting.

-Shooting (Both Feet)



-Passing (short and long)

-Strength (with the correct CS)




-Strength (without CS)



-Late game stamina

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CAM
Games: 12
GPG: 1.50
APG: 1.67
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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