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95 - TOTS
Mertens, Pretty Meh.
By Henryhoover97, 26-05-2021

Mertens was used in both the RS and CAM role in a 4312 formation, in 15 Div 2 matches across a few days. As a striker, Mertens was making several good runs in behind, and usually was able to latch onto a through ball. In the box, his agility and dribbling allowed him to get past most players without any issues, and the 4* skills is a nice bonus to heel-to-heel away from defenders. All this is nice, he's gotten to the positon to take a shot, right? That's where this card is let down; his shots are weak at best, usually pea-rolling across the ground to a waiting goalkeeper's arms. On the occasions that the shots had any power behind them, they would hit the post or the crossbar more often than not.

His passing is pretty good, most passes he makes reach their target. This isn't Pirlo level passing, but good enough for a card that most people are going to play as a striker. He makes cut backs across the box with relative ease. Physically, he noticably lacks strength. When fighting for a through pass played to him there are many times when he just seems to give up on getting the ball or gets pushed away with some force. Maybe he would suit a long-ball play style more than a slow passing build up where he has the space to run in behind or catch the defenders sleeping.

Overall, his pace is good. Better than most, in fact. A good combination of his pace and dribbling allow him to get into the areas to miss the shots, which seems to be a positive for Timo Werner in real life, so therefore can be a positive for this Mertens Card! His xG is much higher than goals that he has actually scored.

Chemistry is relatively easy to find, with Napoli having a good season and getting several attacking TOTS cards, and with the SBC Nainggolan available at the time of writing this review, there are plenty of options.

To conclude, Mertens is a solid player who will create chances if given the opertunity. However, he usually misses the shots taken himself and leaves you very disappointed. He's not worth 1.1m coins as he is on the market, but if his price dropped below 700k, maybe that would be a conversation to be had with the bank manager.




Ability to create chances




Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 15
GPG: 0.40
APG: 0.27
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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What a card oml. He can hit any shot and play any nice pass to your players. His dribbling is INSANELY good - basically 99 pace with a basic, 99 dribbling with a basic and he has the short and lean- body type (check last fifa), so obviously he is going to be insane on the ball. It feels weird for a 5'7" player to be as good at shooting and as powerful as he is. He isn't the easiest for links but tbh even if he has 8 chemist...
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Before this reveiw I want to let you guys know that this is my first ever futbin reveiw and my english is not the best. Now lets start. He is sooo good. Have played him in 4231 as striker whit insigne behind him. And o my what a card. Finishing, long shoots (especielly finneses), r1 dribling and pace. This card has everything that a starter team needs. The only smal con whit this card is when facing super pacy defenders due...
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Mertens is definitely my favorite player I've used so far in the game. I use him on the left wing in a 4-2-4 and his ability to get past anybody with his pace and dribbling is incredible.His finishing is unreal especially his finesse shot from cutting into the box off the left.This is probably an overstatement but the closest card I can compare him to is TOTY Messi but, I've only used th...
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