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75 - Non-Rare
Daddy Long legs
By MiNiMRMessy, 27-10-2020

I and my friend decided to run the same teams in Fut champs this weekend. We set out that we would keep track of every game result, goalscorer, assist provider and any receiver of the MOTM award. The conditions that we set out for the team was that we would use what we considered overpowered players from previous Fifa's with 1 or 2 players in the team also being somewhat competent this FIFA. We decided that we would look back at Oparas FIFA 15 IF card which was immensely overpowered at the time and we needed someone to link to him. There was a lack of options but instantly Long stood out to us, being there only gold card.

Neither I nor my friend expected much from the card however boy did he deliver pairing alongside Opara we both commented had there been a better goalkeeper in the MLS then we would run these 2 at the back more often. In some games, Long silenced the likes of Adama Traore and Mbappe who were normally fresh of the bench. One key feature that we found with Long was that he would win every aerial ball no matter who it was against, although 6'1" is a decent height slapping a Sentinal chem style took his jumping up to 99 and for anyone competing against him there was no hope then. He posed a threat on every corner with the deliveries of Robben and Ribery providing him with countless heading opportunities. Although ending up with 2 goals he came up clutch with those headers with on being in the 88th min at 2 2 and the other being at 2 0 down to make in 2 1 which I later came back from to win.

The point I would like to bring up is the sheer amount of tackles, blocks and interceptions that this daddy long legs made he was everywhere on the pitch.EA have his defensive awareness stat at 75 and with a sentinel that stat went to 85, there must be another 100 added onto that the sheer amount of vital interceptions and last-ditch tackles in key moments to prevent goals, he made was absurd, he is Didier Drogba of modern-day, he is a big-game player.

Looking back at the statistics from the weekend if found that long grabbed 2 MOTM awards which ranked 5th in my squad behind the only the more attack-minded players in Robben, Huntelaar, Promes and Ribery. I and my Friend went over our weekend league runs together and went through what players we thought were disappointing and which ones we thought were the most surprising and the best, not only did we both agree that Long was the most surprising we ranked in in the top 3 most influential players in our teams which we thought was pretty good considering we paid 800 coins for him. Although its niche, for anyone wanting to use Opara in defence and needs chemistry put Long next to him and he will outperform your expectations the only issue as aforementioned is the lack of selection ac GK neither Hamid nor Frei are any good and don't even think about using Guzan because he was woeful.

I would compare long to the likes of Gomez, I've only ever used Gomez 3 times in one draft run, he's good no doubt about it but I question how he actually compares to Long, this sounds stupid I know but comparing Oparas and Gomez's stats they're not too far off being similar, and with Long outperforming Opara I would like to test how he compares to Gomez. That will be something I will do in the future and maybe might follow up with a piece on my findings.

I implore you to try new players as they might surprise you and become a cult hero in your club, achieving gold 3 and suffering only 9 losses with this team is a remarkable achievement, it made weekend league fun somehow, it put emphasis on not caring about the result but trying new things. This team has made me keep on defying what people set to be the meta and see what kind of players I can beat other people with. You will find me weekly on random players, providing details on how underrated they are and maybe I could inspire some people to use new players instead of the Adamas and Gomez's of this world.

Very good in the air and never got beaten really

Very solid in the tackles and rarely concedes a foul

Effective from corners and always poses a threat and when winning a heading and putting it on target the power header trait makes it nigh on impossible to stop

Surprisingly strong and didn't get pushed off the ball

Very quick, feel like the pace stat lies

Medium / High work rates are the best work rates for a CB in my opinion

Was surprisingly good at dribbling past the opposition forwards to buildup play

The passing wasn't great but with 57 overall passing what can you expect. Can also put this down to me rushing the play and not positioning my player correctly

Was could out of position once or twice letting players run-in behind

Sometimes would stay in the attack following a turnover

Shooting but he's a CB

Formation: 4321
Position: CB
Games: 22
GPG: 0.09
APG: 0.00
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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