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94 - Futties SBC
By thomassiistmuller, 17-08-2021

As a spurs fan i do not like this man anymore this guy has cost us 2 cups but if he played irl like he does in game with this card he would be in toty every single year. Premier league has like way to many cms,cams,cdms and then you have sissoko a meta player his gold his still pretty good tbh, some people still use him in AUGUST. Sissoko is a brilliant cm we all know he has so much strength its obvious he is bullying anyone off the ball. RIP neymar users for sure but then again 5 star skills is unstoppable but this man can stop them tbf. Hit that O button or circle button on your ps controller and omg he fucking bullies the lad and wins the ball. I cant win the ball off him at all when i played against him. He is the definition of meta. 4* skills tho :) i do wish it was 5* but then it would be POGBA. The only real alternative to this card is pogba but pogba lacks the proper defense which he has. You can play sissoko cb if you want man. Only real issue with him is he is top at cdm but if you play him cm as a box to box sometimes he cant turn quickly enough and looses the ball in the center pitch. As a defensive minded fantastic but if you want to play him as a box to box you defo need that engine he does feel clunky sometimes*. The weight also affects the dribbling kind of it just slows down the turns but i mean he has the strength to shield the ball

Pace gap is also a bit annoying 85-99 yh its like in the 85 sprint part he is lagging behind and then storms up the pitch. For any one but a defender ish player its not a problem but if my guy plays all the pacey guys like mbappe, diatta or sm he will lag behind and when he comes close its a goal most likley. Pace gap makes me play him at cdm so he can quickly get to defense but then I cant ignore the attackive side. Defensivley he is a 9.6/10 pace gap kind of ruins it but then all the strength is insane and defending itself is sick.

Attacking aspect of this card- Shooting itself so much power and now he can shoot unlike the UEL card where he did have some really furstrating shooting moments. On futties its less, really only annoying thing is defo the finishing sometimes when 1 v 1 he can scuff it and when at a cam role where shooting is so important the finishing decreases his ability to go forward and play at a cam and attacking role. He wont do bad but its just that unless you increase the finishing he can annoy you with the missed chances

Attacking rate-9/10 everything perfect but the sometimes missed chances but its calm with an upgrade but i would rahter increase the pace and dribbling so he can turn quicker.

Dribbling part- its average apart frm the shielding power itz ok not bad and if you can pull skills of he can feel very silky from time to time. Weight increases some heaviness which makes him turn slower but thank god he has some balance. dribbling rate- 8.5 not bad just feels clunky from time to time and also very silky inconsistent but not an issue for me at all. 4 star skills is a dub asw :D. He is a more stronger version of pogba basically without the skills and more defending and he plays for spurs :D.







balance and agility from time to time does feel clunky but also very smooth sometimes idk what his dribbling is but it is different every time.

finishing only real downside if playing him cm, agility balance dont matter than much because of strength but finishing is a bit low but man its ok i will live w it.

Some Pogba cards are cheaper could get them but i prefer him anyday for a cdm role or even cm.

Formation: 352
Position: CDM
Games: 5
GPG: 0.40
APG: 0.40
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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This card is worth the crazy price, absolutely. I'm a Spurs fan, so the sacrifice was made but wow sissoko does what Hojberg does irl. Completely redefined how my squad plays with his physical presence. The meta attacker's kryptonite, Sissoko bodies EVERYONE. He is the meta CDM. 6'2"; crazy pace; crazy strength and stamina; great defending; but most importantly, he has all the BS animations that the best p...
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Hello. This is about the one and only sissoko. In fifa 20 he was to o.p. But this year nothing has changed. His strength is not normal. he is stronger than kante, allan and many others cdm from the prem. His pace is way to ggod with a shadow. we dnt have to talk about shooting because thats trash. His passing is goo enough, also his dribbling. His defence is also very good, He stays at te right time at the right moment. i u...
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This guy might as well just be an Icon considering the amount of links this guy has and the fact he is BETTER THAN BABY VIEIRA imo. with the extremely likely potential of getting even more upgrades, this guy is definitely someone you should keep your eye on if you are looking to get another end game/god tier card in your arsenal. First of all make sure you use a shadow so he is literally untouchable. Sissoko may aswell be m...
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