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83 - Rare
Valverde (Overrated or not?)
By NikoTheCoolYT, 31-10-2020

Federico Valverde was a player i was looking forward to try. I heard alot of good things about him. And i will just say, I do not regret buying this card. Valverde is an incredible player that feels very fast, and he is 100% living up to that 86 pace. 86 pace may sound of alot, but I actually have put a shadow on him so he has 96 pace. Im not regretting doing it because try think about a CM with 96 pace. How hard would it be to follow him, and even stopping him. Nobody can touch him. It's insane. Im actually pretty surprised by his shooting. He has 74 shooting on his card, and don't get me wrong but he can actually score. 9 out of 10 chances infront of the goal he scores. I will then say that do not expect him to be your topscorer. Im just saying that sometimes when he has the ball at the right time in the right place he will score. I have played 114 games with him and he have scored 17 goals. I know its not alot, but he is a CM with 74 in shooting and he scores 17 goals. I would say thats pretty impresive. He has 37 assists, and i will say thats allright. It could have been better. But I will say that i feel like he has making alot more than 37. Thats maybe because he is making such a massive amount of incredible good passes. His defending and physicality is also impresive. With a shadow chem style he will have 86 DEF and still 80 PHY. That sounds of alot of defensive greatness. He is insane in intercepting the ball. Jusy hold down L2 on PS4 with him and tackle with O when the attacker closes in. Thats it, then you got the ball. Finally a thing he's not that good at. Im not that happy about his skills. He has 3 star skill moves, and for me a CM needs at least 4 star. But because he is so good at all the other things you can totally figure out another method to get the ball moving forward. And the basic things like ball roll and so on, them can he do pretty well. So overall an extremly good player for the CM position. And right now as i am writing this he costs 37k on PS4. I paid 70k for him, when the game came out, and i would maybe even have paid 120k for him, because he is so good. Try him out. That's the best tip I got.

Pace (Feels extremely fast, espacially with the shadow chem style on)

Shooting (When he has the ball infront of the goal he scores 9 out of 10 times)

Passing (I feel like he will make successful passes no matter where he is on the pitch)

Defending and Physicality (He feels very strong intercepting the ball, no matter what player has the ball)

Skills (My opinion and feeling is that a CM needs at least 4 star skill moves, but he only have 3. So don't make skills with him. He can do the basics like Ball roll and so on)

Week Foot (I actually don't feel like this is a very important thing for him, but it's still a thing i am missing a rare time here and there)

Formation: 442
Position: CM
Games: 114
GPG: 0.15
APG: 0.32
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (3/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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My Oh My (In Depth Review)

um well what a player.This is my first review since '20 and i was lucky enough to pack this beaut out of a gold upgrade which inspired me to do an indepth review on.Firstly the essentials, RDM in a 4222, balanced in everything, i didnt touch it. 14g, 10 assists in 38. (Anchor)Pace 8/10: i thought he was a good little player last fifa with in 70's pace but wow is he rapid for his height, he c...
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I buy this guy because I wanted an other beast to pair with my el monstro renato Sanchez and WAHOO, those two are insane together, with his speed Valverde is incredible in interception. He is EVERYWHERE, very strong , good passing, really important for a guy who will recup so many balls, to be able to be the spearheading the counter-attack. If you want a midfielder to play in 442, so a midfielder really complete, Valverde i...
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General Fede

Got lucky enough to pack him literally 10minutes after him being in packs in some saved up packs that i had.Had Prime Keane before and he is thousand of levels above (obviously).Played him next to Renato FB in a 4231 last WL, he owned the midfield in every single game i played. 10/10 worth the price.
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