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85 - Halloween SBC
The Perfect Mid Tier RW
By skydragon484, 02-11-2020

An issue I've struggled with all year has been my RW position. Next to my POTM Ansu Fati and Rulebreakers Inaki Williams I have needed a game changing RW for a while now. For some reason EA has decided all of the RW in the game up to this point are either shit or god tier. Past Mo Salah and Messi the next serviceable RW is... Sancho? Bernardo Silva? Neither of those cards are particularly exciting or game changing and from there it just gets worse. I can't afford Mo Salah or Messi so this is where Bellarabi comes in. He isn't cheap by any means coming in at a respectable 100k approximately but he won't break the bank on the levels that Salah might. However, he makes just as big as an impact if played the right way.

Pace 10/10:

With a hunter tacked on this card comes in at 97 pace overall which is fantastic for a card this early in the game considering the rest of his stats. He feels great running down the sidelines and can outpace the majority of left backs. I have noticed him struggle against Mendy in the past however.

Shooting 8/10:

A great shot power of 93 coupled with finishing of 88 after a hunter boost puts this card right in the finishing range you want your starting RW to be in. His three star weak foot does hold him back but he can absolutely bang it if played correctly.

Passing 7/10:

He performs above average in the passing department and that's all you can really ask from a RW. He crosses fine and is serviceable in the box.

Dribbling 10/10:

This is where this card really shines. His insane 95 agility, 93 ball control, and 95 dribbling makes this card perfect for those wanting to move around quickly in the attacking third. His four star skill moves allow for great mobility and the ability to easily dribble around defenders in the box. I'm also a fan of his 86 balance which makes him surprisingly difficult to push off the ball.

Defending 4/10: His heading is probably the weakest part of this card. 54 heading accuracy on a 6 foot tall card is pretty bad. He also has poor jumping so I wouldn't trust this guy to deliver headers when they are important.

Physicality 6/10:

Mediocre physicality prevents this card from being Adama levels good at dribbling. While 74 strength is actually decent for a RW it is definitely one of his weaker aspects. I wouldn't recommend relying on him to repel tackling defenders away.

Overall, I definitely think the dribbling variant is the better of the two as a hunter is just so much better on this card. Also, I would like to add that SBCs like this are the reason I always take untradeable rewards. It is so much better to have a bunch of bad walkouts to use for situations like this than a few thousand extra coins. He is a must have for any German league team.

  • Blistering pace
  • Great shooting with a hunter
  • Decent nation and league
  • Fantastic dribbling
  • "Meta" card
  • Expensive
  • Poor physical
  • Poor weak foot
  • Will likely be outclassed by new RWs in promos.
Formation: 433-4
Position: RW
Games: 15
GPG: 0.87
APG: 0.40
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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A honest review

This card is a very good card. I played him with an artist card and he felt clunky on the ball but in 1 on 1 situations with defenders he would always have the beating of them. He is lethal in and around the box, he rarely misses the target. I played him in right attacking midfield and striker, both suited him really well. He reminded me of a better version of Leroy Sane with his quick movement and his height. If you were t...
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The Animal (Bellarabi Shooting Boost)

Ok lads, so I got him so I can okay him at striker with hunterlet's just say that he was very op.Shot- 10/10 very good scored 10 goals in 7 games as a striker in div 5. ...
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He's Insane!!!

He's so good ingame. He has good shooting and dribbling, he is always well-positioned and also has good passing and physical. He isn't the fastest but he does his thing.
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