83 - IF
Danny Ings Review
By JCX1V, 10-02-2021

I decided I wanted to try out this card and see what he was like. In all, I think he was a really good card as you can see by my game to goal ratio. I used him in Division Rivals I was in division 4 when I started testing him out now I'm in division 2 so I did use him against some difficult teams. I decided to use a Hawk chemistry style on him for about 30 of the 38 games before I switched to Hunter. I believe that Hawk and Hunter both have cases for being the best chemistry style to use on him. But, I believe that Hawk for me just has that slight edge over Hunter. This is because he had the strength (76) to box out opponents and hold onto the ball. Hawk also gave Ings a +10 boost in long shots (91) so the high long shot rating made him a really versatile player and gave me the opportunity to shot from anywhere. Hawk also gave him +10 jumping (92) which then allowed him to be able to score goals from lobbed crosses or corners this was further helped by his high Heading Accuracy (86). I found that if this man found himself anywhere near the goal a quick tap of the B or O button the ball would find itself in the back of the net. I wanted to further add that the use of the Hawk chemistry style made him a really traditional and practical striker like if you were asked to make the ideal striker in a factory he would be the end product. However, there is a reason I switched to the Hunter Chemistry style late into my use of him that is because of his lack of pace. I would often find with Hawk on that when a delightfully placed through ball had ripped through the defence he wouldn't be fast enough to catch up with it before the defenders especially against fast defenders (Varane, Mendy, Gomez etc). This is why I put the Hunter style on him because I wanted him to have that additional pace and it did help. However, there are some negatives to this. With Hunter, Ings loses his great long shot ability, shot power and jumping. Instead, they are transferred for pace which is useful and +15 volleys (92), 92 volleys is obviously nice but I find that you don't need a great volley rating to score volleys and it's a pretty pointless stat as you very really need to take difficult volleys. Hunter however does give Ings +10 finishing (98) this high finishing stat allows him to score from almost anywhere inside the 18-yard box. That is more or less wrapping up my whole review about him but there are a few more things I'd like to add. Firstly his traits well he doesn't have any except injury prone which isn't going to help me in-game, he didn't get injured however in the 38 games I played with him. Secondly is quite an obscure one but I do think it's crucial for a striker and that is height. Danny Ings is only 5'10 and this is partly the reason why I was raving about his high jumping stat because he doesn't have the height that allows him to easily win the ball in the box. Thirdly his 4-star weak foot this 4-star weak foot adds to Ings's versatility as it allows me to easily take shots with both feet. Penultimately, his 3-star skills moves are one of the big negatives about him because he lacks the element of unpredictability and when going up against smart Fifa players that is crucial. This means that one on ones with defenders often means you must pass the ball. Finally, his passing; Danny Ings passing is a very under-appreciated stat for him I feel that yes 71 passing is low but his short passing (78) did allow me to get 25 assists in 38 games with him. If passing is crucial for you, however, put a catalyst, engine or deadeye on him. Now I just wanted to add one last thing before I analyze his price and similarities and that is set pieces. He has got 87 penalties with Hunter or Hawk on so yes he is a good penalty taker. However, don't let him near your free kicks unless you're aiming for row Z instead of the goal his 38 free-kick accuracy means you need at least one set-piece specialist on the pitch with him.

Now I will move over to price a player likenesses. I have used 2 other Premier League players that I feel have similar play styles to ings in-game. They are 83 base Gabriel Jesus and 82 inform Patrick Bamford. I'm not going to go into too much depth about them but they both are not as good shooters as Ings however Jesus has a flair about him and is a faster player and a more skilled/agile dribbler player say more technically gifted. Bamford is the most like Ings and I must say I think I prefer him but he doesn't bag as much as ings does that must be said. The other reason I think I prefer Bamford is that he is stronger and faster meaning he can often use pace to beat defenders or out muscle them also Bamford 6'1meaning he has more say in what goes on in the 18-yard box when the ball leaves the floor. Now I want to move into his price I got him untradeable so I never had to buy him which is a big bonus because for his ability and talent he is not worth 28.5K-33.5K. Bamford and Jesus however who I think are very similar to him are a lot cheaper Bamford being 14.5K and Jesus being 6.2K. So, unless I have managed to sell you onto this card I wouldn't buy him buy one of the other 2 instead.

To conclude this card is very good and has lots of pros however I really struggled using him in the higher divisions like 3 and 2 so I would say the divisions you should use him in is 5 or lower. Ings obviously has his new Headliners card which I now use as my main striker because I liked 83 Ings a lot and 85 Ings does feel like quite a big step up from using 83 Ings and he is only 4K more expensive so if you have the money I would buy him. Should you get this card? Maybe I would say try him out but if he doesn't fit your playstyle sell him but I really feel that most of you will really like him.

Thank You for Reading

by JCX1V

(With Hawk)

-Longs shots (91)

-Jumping (92)

-Finishing (93)

-Shot Power (92)

-Acceleration (87)

-Penalties (87)

-Reactions (85)

-Heading Accuracy (86)

-4-Star weak foot

-Decent Leauge and Nation Links

(With Hawk)

-Stamina (73)

-Sprint Speed (83)

-Crossing (68)

-Long Passing (65)

-Curve (60)

-FK accuracy (38)

-3-Star skill Moves


Formation: 433-4
Position: ST
Games: 38
GPG: 2.34
APG: 0.66
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)