88 - Rare
Avoid unless Necessary
By BayernNeverlooosin, 22-12-2020

First off I'd like to say I am writing this review after giving him 2 runs as my goalkeeper. I am a consistent Gold 1 in Fut champs and my skill rating hovers around 1900, have used him in connection with my Koulibaly and Manolas and I must say in every game I have played with him I have left disappointed. I understand that goalkeepers aren't to be relied on, but we have all seen what Pope or Allison can do when you're fighting for the win and dda REALLY kicks in. So it often makes me wonder, for the good stats Handanovic has, why can't he make saves like Pope? Its obvious that despite rating, keepers are built different and Handanovic is no exception. He punches and catches crosses quite easily. He saved about half of 1v1 situations where the attacker decided not to chip or finesse and conceded on every other shot but that goes for many keepers (except Allison). The issue is, for an 88 ovr, glove and 10 chem his dive animation selection is very poor. Over his time at keeper he made very few shot stopping saves unless they were directly at him. I began to notice that every near or far post shot, hit well or not, was going in because he refused to dive for the ball, instead choosing to extend an arm and fall to his feet. This cost me dearly. Unless you simply must or he is your favorite player, I would advise against him or at least, try another chem style that will improve his shot stopping ability. For the 30k he costs, you're better off with Donnarumma and saving 15k for yourself;)

-tall, 6'4

-punches and catches crosses

-decent acceleration on rushing out

-acceptable kicking

-rarely executes full dive animation

-often beaten on 1v1 if chipped or finessed

-worse "saves" to "goals conceded" ratio than Kepa Arrizabalaga

Formation: 4231
Position: GK
Games: 15
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (3/10)
Shooting (1/10)
Passing (3/10)
Dribbling (1/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (1/10)