FIFA 22 Comment

2021-11-25 12:11

Okay let me explain for someone who does not understand how market and prices work.All of the cards are dropping because of the black friday promo.Happening every year.This is causing drop on cards which should not drop really and from saturday these cards (are not in packs) will rise throughout next week. Tiktok muppets causing drop saying partybad coming this and that which won’t come but even if it comes it will be untradable so no affects on live cards like otw or rttf.Tiktokers just causing market crash so they can quickly make profit example rodrygo today was 220k and went up 280k 30min

2021-11-25 12:11

I swear TikTok traders are the worst thing to happen to the Fifa trading community, or the community in whole, their literally actual stock market hedgefunds, just dictating to their audience when to buy and sell, misinforming people to drive up prices on cards to a ridiculous amount, so they can turn a neat profit themselves by manipulating people, it's literally an actual joke. Like look at what that one TikTok trader did to Delaney otw, he rose to 35k at one point and is now 16-17k, just cause one dude said, "yo he is gonna get upgraded big profit, yes, go buy"