2021-09-24 18:09
So here's my take on this year's game after playing 12 Rivals games and promoted to Div 8. This year's game is so much slower and the glitchy through balls don't work anymore. You need to build up slowly. The attacking and defending AI are so much better, where the players actually move around the pitch more. Pace is not much of an issue as compared to Fifa 21 (I used Lindelof and Christensen at CB for all my 12 games and no problem with catching up with fast attackers). Finess shots seem to be the new META this year
2021-09-27 06:09

ive played fiaf every year since 93, yes - im old (52) This is by far the best rendition yet. The new gen machines have taken it to actually being a football game ! Well done EA (that hurt to say) Apart from the usual increased likelihood of goals going in at end of half or end of game the scripting seems to have almost disappeared !!!!!