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The Hagician
By Muercu, 28-10-2021

As I struggled in Division 2 in Rivals, I was looking for a player who can make the difference in the offense. Luckily, I packed IF Mané from FUT Champs Rewards so I had a decent budget. I decided to give Hagi a go, I paid 610k for him and the stats looked nice. And boy, it was worth it. He instantly made an impact in my team. I play him as a centre CAMA on 4231 in game with Fekir and Benzema on LOM/ROM and Isak up front. Hagi is the guy that creates space, he is agile and very fast on the ball. He always stands in the right position, you can always pass the ball to him. What isn't on his stats: his ability to decide games in the late minutes. I had plenty of games where it was even stevens or I was one goal behind in the final minutes. It was mostly Hagi who created some magic for me in the likes of a stunning long shot or a decisive through ball to Isak.

Well, that was my overall feeling about him. Let's break down his abilities:

Pace (8.5/10)

Let's be honest, this isn't his best ability, but as a CAM it is not vital to be the fastest. I don't see him on a winger position where you need dem fast boiz. Yes, he is quick on the ball and for short runs you can use him very well.

Shooting (10/10)

Here is where he shines: his longshots. As you know, they are OP this year. Hagi scores from almost anywhere, his finesse shots are just insane! Inside the box with low driven or hard normal shots result also in goals most of the time. But I use his longshots very often.

Passing (9/10)

Hagi is a great passer, especially when you don't have much room in front of the box or even inside. He passes the ball so quick and precisely. Only thing I can say, I saw better players for the long passes or crosses. I gave him a Finisher so I don't know how it looks when you boost his long passing. Honestly I didn't use the long passes so much, as I play a very center orientated game with focus on short passes.

Dribbling (10/10)

He is so fluid with the ball, as I already mentionned. With Finisher, his agility is at 99 and makes him absolutely fun to play. You can do those little quick turns with the left stick, he don't loses that ball for one single second. He is not the strongest guy but you can easily get rid of the big guys by circling around them.

Defending/Physicality (4/10)

Honestly I didn't use him defensively (duh..) but I would say he is not the guy you want back there. Also his physical stats aren't the greatest, but you don't need them in CAM imo.

Overall, i would give him a 9.5 out of a 10 because of his ability to turn games around. Keep in mind that this guy costs 590k on PS and there may be similar players for less coins. But still, it's an Icon player, so he fits in any f*in team you want. And he is very fun to play.

TL;DR: If you want some fun, get the Hagician! Worth it :)

+ Long Shots

+ Dribbling

+ Passing

+ Positioning

+ 4*/4*

+ ...Magic...



-Pace, depending on your needs an position you want him to play

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 58
GPG: 0.62
APG: 1.28
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (3/10)
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