The Perfect STRIKER!

I completed him, but i wasn't too confident.... But he is a BEAST, no one can stop him. If he is in front of the goalkeeper he'll score. He's always in the right place, this is one of the best free cards i've never seen. Recommended with Engine.

  • Head Shots
  • Finalization
  • Agility

  • Stamina
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (7/10)
Other Reviews
Michail Antonio
Move over CR7, BDM is in the house
So firstly this is a proper review on this card by someone who isnt bad at FIFA like the other review and this is my 1st ever review and only doing it because the other review was pathetic. This card is amazing, strong, quick and amazing finishing. I played all my Champs games with him and he smashed it for me, I stopped at 13-2 and Antonio was my star player in almost every game. This card is free and easy to get, I've had C...
Michail Antonio
The Jamaican Sensation
I Recently thought that i would try out the new FUT Fantasy Michail Antonio for the price of only 85 rated squad i thought why not i threw in my Odsonne Edouard and claimed my prize and all i can say is wow i play him with a HAWK CHEM in the 4-2-1-2 Formation with 2 strikers either Origi Showdown Card or Harry Kane Flash Back i have played 5 games with 6 Goals and 5 Assists (All Rage Quit Except for 1 Player). Antonio is an ...
Michail Antonio
Rocket of a Right foot (Michail Antonio)
When I first saw it, I really thought this card was awful, yet I decided to do him, because I really needed a player just like this for my team. And what can I say? he fits the role perfectly, Playing as a Striker With my prime Butra at RF and potm Salah at the left (in game). He has not once been shrugged off the ball and his pinpoint through balls make it super easy for my wide midfielders and forwards to get in behind the ...