73 - Headliners
He is immaculate
By Janko1120, 06-04-2022

So I have never written a review before but I think that this player sure does deserve one

I have used my fair share of CBs in this fifa,and as soon as this legend came out in january,he has not left my team since

He has outlived ww cozza,fb luiz felipe,fb kjaer,and I have been changing every CB around him,because he makes them look silly

I have experimented with 4222 4231 41212(2) and now i have been using him as a central CB in the 352,and he outshines every cb i have used this fifa

Im a guy who doesnt stress out over getting 11 wins over 9,or whatever,i play to have fun,and playing schlotterbeck for 500 games now truely defines this

He far exceeds the 83 acceleration he has with a shadow,and the 98 sprint speed is niticeable

The best and most noticeable upside is his strength,which absolutely feels like 99,he trucks people like they are ragdolls

He is a great option at corners,as i have scored all 12 goals with him in rivals and wl

If you are the guy who wants the elite div 2000+ sr,and the 18-2 record in wl,hes not your guy

But to those who want to have fun,he is so fun to use,and the joy of imagining the opponent's face while my schlotti trucks their mbappe and ben yedder,or even the cantonas and R9s,is truely why i come back everyday to the game

PS. Please come to dortmund Nico,hummels is on his last leg and zagadou and emre can are shite

I have used my fair share I83

  • His strength is absurd
  • He jockies surprisingly well for low dribbling and 6'3"
  • He is fast as hell,mbappe watch out for your lunch money
  • Headers are an ease to him,beats ronaldo 9/10 times
  • His passing is surprisingly good,can make those long passes with ease
  • He is so fun to use,ILOVEHIM
  • He is not your high-end,eSport card,dont wish for him to defend every elastico and shot cancel
  • You cant get him anymore,cause i would have a triple Schlotti backline if i could
  • Stamina in extra time
Formation: 352
Position: CB
Games: 500
GPG: 0.02
APG: 0.01
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)