What a Beast!!!
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I was a little hesitant before I bought this guy because gold haaland was not the guy for me even in the lengthy meta. I love to dribble a lot in front of the box. However, I saw this guy dropped a lot during Sunday night and decided to give him a try.

I used him as the central striker in 4321 in the beginning with POTM mbappe and ginola on his side. He was not so good at that time, scoring 2 goals in 4 games. Then I decided to change my formation to 4222 and give him a final chance and he did not disappoint me. Played about 20 games in div one with him as both left and right striker. You just have to press l1 when your cam or other st is holding the ball and send through balls to him when you got a chance. He will never disappoint you. Once he gets ahead of the defenders he will never be chased up or bodied. Even if sometimes the through ball is off by a bit and you dont have the shooting angle, just ball roll pass it to other players when they get open.

For those of you who think he is bad at dribbling or bad weak foot, I will tell you its a noticeable upgrade for his dribbling and passing compared to his other versions, especially his weak foot passing. His right foot is not as good as mbappe's left, but he can still score bangers with his right foot. There was one time that my opponents moved his keeper far post and he still scored with his right across goal. He can pass perfect through balls when there are chances and he can also do simple pass accurately. He can dribble in wide areas, but not in tight area, if you are in front of the box, dont dribble with him, either do step overs to get him away from defenders or hold l2 and pass the ball to others. His heading are so powerful, better than TOTY Gullit in my opinion, scores lots of corners for me.

Another good thing about this version is that with this defensive stats and strength, if you call a second defender and manually press opponents with him, you can often get the ball in their half, which other strikers are not able to do.

As for value of this card, I think 4.5 mil is a fair price for him. He is such a unique card and so fun to use. Think about Messi being 5mil+, Mbappe being 10 mil+, 4.5 mil is not so bad for what he can do.

  • strength
  • pace
  • heading
  • defending
  • shooting
  • dribbling
  • a bit expensive
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Erling Haaland
Fantastic, but needs help
So, I'm going to be honest - I did not initially buy this card to use him. I bought him as an investment - with ones to watch around the corner and Haaland's price rising by the hour, nevermind the day, I picked him up for 147,000 earlier this week. With the packing of an untradable Bernardo Silva and a few other Premier League players in my XI though, I was able to start him on full chem, so why wouldn't I?I applied hunter t...
Erling Haaland
Absolutely ridiculous
So... I got this guy untradeable TWICE !!!! First in my OTW pack and then in the rigged 75+ upgrade pack... And oh lord when he came in to the team.. He have now played barely 100 games at LST with the Hawk in the 41212 (2) right next to CR7 - whom I also got untradeable from a SBC the first day - with Messi as a CAM. And they have the most insane partnership all of them. He is involved in 1,47 goals pr. game which is just in...
Erling Haaland
I have been struggling with shooting with many of my players but maybe its just the ridiculous standards set by Erling. If you get him on the ball on balance and shoot it is automatically a goal even from ridiculous angles. I would say that I struggled a bit with the attacking ai so far this game but when Haaland first gets the ball and shoots it will always be a goal. Could have had a hat trick each game with him but sadly h...