Morientes the Merchant

Morientes... Where to start with this man! He was the first hero that I picked up this year. Whilst searching endlessly for a big man to play as a striker who was a master at heading the ball and who had a bit of pace about him. Morientes came in replacing the IF Giroud, who was doing okay for me but lacked that killer instinct that was needed at the higher level. As soon as he was in the side, I stuck a hunter on him to give him that pace boost and to max his shooting out fully. In the side, Morientes played as right ST where he was paired up with Milito with Neymar sitting in behind in a 4-3-1-2. My experience with him is that this man scores GOALS. Inside the box he is a deadly marksman, putting away anything on a plate to him. Whether it is a chip, finesse or power, inside the box he just scores. Outside the box, he is still very handy. His trivellas aren't amazing but I still scored quite a bit with them. His finesse shots from 25 yards out on the corner of the box seemed to go in (need space though). Now onto the main reason why he is in the side; his heading. Wow, what can I say about this man, at 6'1 you would not expect him to win aerial battles but with 96 heading accuracy and 92 jumping he certainly does! From corners 9/10 times he wins the header and grabs a goal for me and has been crucial in many wins in FUT champs. As I said his shooting is amazing but what about his other statistics? Pace... This is an interesting one, with a hunter on and with 84 pace you would expect him to be quick. But he's not the best. He can beat some players once he gets going but with the likes of Araujo and Walker, he does get blitzed. However, with him being so strong, this man is a machine at holding the ball up and dishing off a pass to your player making a run. Morientes can shrug off players with ease, which is handy when he is in those 50/50 situations. His dribbling leaves a lot to be desired, but he is never going to be your Ben Yedder or Mbappe type of striker. He is your stallion, your big bull, your battering ram. If he can't find a way through he will force a way through. That leaves us with his passing, typical striker when it comes to this. with the short passing fine but anything past 15 to 20 yards good luck! All in all a superb card to use and is very cheap with good goals-to-game returns as well! If you have a spare 150k try him out!

  • Front post header merchant
  • Deadly scorer in the box
  • Strong as an ox

  • Lacks the pace to beat meta CBs and full backs
  • Dribbling isn't the greatest
  • Typical striker passing
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
Other Reviews
So... after last years disappointment with this card I gave him another chance because he was down to 85k and I thought he can't drop any further. Also with the feeling that taller players peform like theyre stats tell I thought it might be the time for another shot. There are still no body types on futbin and this card does not peform like a player with high&average did last year. With an engine he tops the 80s mark both on...
Best ST in. game
Morientes is absolutely insane. He finishes every single shot and with a hawk (lengthy) he is able to outpace and out strength many top tier cbs. He will get on the end of any through ball and is a beast when crossing into the box. I play Ansu Fat OOP behind him at CAM and Fati has assisted at a much higher rate now with Morientes at ST.
Pretty good
Morientes is good. I used his base hero for a long time, and when this came out I had to try it. Obviously, it feels better. He feels like a really good finisher, like he was before, but suddenly his passing is actually reasonable. When I bought him, he carried me to 8 and 1 in champs, scoring like 12 goals. He is very good at ST in a 4-3-1-2. His headers are good, but he doesn't out jump van Dijk. dribbling is okay, he has q...