Why i Bought the card:

After starting 6-4 in fut champs i knew there was a problem with my squad as im in elite and used to winning 16 games a week so i knew i needed to change something quick before something ended up in the wall, Becks was my solution. I activated "Rat" mode and decided that if i was going to win games i would do it through frustrating my opponent as much as possible. Using what i call aerial bombardment the tactic was simple, get the ball to Becks and launch as many crosses or chip throughs towards my cheap strikers. Ive found no greater enjoyment than defending for 30 mins just to send a chip through that has no business getting to my sprinting giants up top for a breakaway. Doesn't matter where you are the passes are pinpoint right to the foot of my strikers. You could be at your own penalty box its a breakaway. My personal favourite was switching the play from my LB to Becks to then tap L1 to send my strikers on a run and hit them with a needlessly accurate chip through. If you're wondering about shooting he's good at that too. On the off chance that I didn't cross it near the box i would trow off my opponent by cutting in a hitting a far post outside the foot dagger against my opponents this card has brought me nothing but joy and my opponents the loss for their will to play anymore. Becks changed my game as i proceeded to win the my next 10 games to finish 16-4 as well as the proceeding 24 games in qualifying and the next finals tournament. the amount of rage quits i experience have sky rocketed as i send chip through after chip through. if a player decides to finally try and man mark Beckham out of them game its already over, simply pass to anyone close to him and opponents will be put so off guard that Becks didn't get the ball that you can simply play a one two with any other player for and easy goal. This wouldn't be a Beckham review without talking about the set piece, and boy are they broken. Corners, close free-kicks. far free-kicks it doesn't matter they are pinpoint and devastating. if its an in-swinger aim for the penalty spot and 3 bars and it wont matter where he puts his goalie as it curls right around him directly to your best header. same thing with an out-swinger except aim at the goalie if you have any tall person in the middle its your header to miss. Becks is an absolute game changer and recommend him to anyone in search of a non-meta player that will infuriate the meta-sweats

Pace: Surprisingly not terrible, he not gonna out pace anyone at LB but if you can catch your opponents flat footed Beckham can sustain enough space to whip a ball in

Shooting: His shooting is on point wherever it is, his outside the foot shots are my go to and they will go in all the time due to the broken mechanics this year

Passing: Broken, i have never used anyone better at passing that this card

Dribbling: His quick cuts with R1 are pretty good for creating the separation needed to cross the ball or for finessing it far post if your close enough to goal

Defending: At 68 Defending he is better at defending than most RM but if he ur last man back theres a problem and you'll get scored on. i use second man pressing a lot and he's pretty good for that and can cause some interceptions deep in your opponents half

Physical: This man runs all game he's one of the only players i wont sub off late in the game. he is capable of holding off defenders with his strength but you shouldn't count on that all the time

If you can full commit to the style of play required for Beckham you will truly feel how broken this card can be while reaping the benefits of demoralized opponents. absolutely worth the price i payed for him

  • Broken passing stats
  • Undefendable set pieces
  • Outside the foot shots
  • Runs the whole game
  • Can be a little slow sometimes
  • Clunky Jockeying
  • Weak foot sometimes
  • Wont burst by any fullbacks
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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