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Really good

Lacazette is an amazing card. I first bought lacazette and expected him to be decent but he has been so good. I have used the hawk on him and TRUST ME, it's the best chem style for him. That boosted 89 jumping is lethal and his boosted 90 pace feels quick. But where the hawk really shines on this card is the shooting. Oh man, the shooting. 99 positioning, 97 finishing, 96 shot power. All that paired with a solid 83 aggressi...
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Beast of a card

I absolutely love this card. After taking a break from fifa for a month or so, I decided to get back into it. I played a game and realized I needed a goalie. I had enough coins for Alison and decided to buy him after hearing lots of good things. My god. He is one of the best goalies in the game. He makes spectacular saves on the regular and if your opponent is on the counter he is absolutely LETHAL with 1 on 1s. I use wall ...
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