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I've been eyeing up this eusebio for a long time and I've literally spent my last pennies and drained my club to get this guy through his sbc. I even put in my (untradeable) optimus prime kluivert to finish it off. At first I was sad and regretted doing that but oh my lord is this guy insane: He's smooth af on the ball and literally dances around fb david luizs and VVD, his shooting is insane and if you're playing against a...
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Kluivert - The Dutch Beast

I decided to give this kluivert a go as soon as I saw him come out as I had never rly used tall, fast and strong strikers. Kluivert has taken me out from low div 3 up to div 1 ! At first I played him as a striker in a 4-2-3-1 where he scored a lot of goals (118 in 150 games), however I felt kluivert was a bit too clunky for getting in behind and he's not in the greatest positions for crosses, so I started to play him either...
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