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James McAtee Show Us His Ultimate Team

James McAtee has been busy winning promotion to the Premier League with Sheffield United so hasn’t had time to play Ultimate Team for a few months. Now the season is over he’s earned himself a well deserved break and is looking forward to getting back into FUT, he just needs some improvements to his team and that’s where you come in! Check out James’ team and suggest players he could get to improve the lineup.

Goalkeeper and Defence

GK - Nick Pope (81)

Nick Pope’s standard gold card performed well above the power curve for a good few months but we think the goalkeeper spot is one that needs an upgrade for sure. We’d suggest bringing in one of the PL TOTS goalkeepers, either De Gea or Ramsdale

RB - Kyle Walker (85)

Kyle Walker has been the best right back in FIFA for years and 23 is no different, we may be well into TOTS but we’re sure that lining up with gold Walker wouldn’t be too much of an issue. There are definitely better players out there but the RB slot certainly isn’t a priority for an upgrade.

CB - Lothar Matthäus (88)

Lothar Matthäus is a fan favourite in FUT but as we head into June, we fear that the baby version may fall behind. It’s still a very solid card but 82 pace on your CB’s just doesn’t cut it anymore. Matthäus is still a must have in the team so we’d suggest that James upgrades to any of his higher rated versions. 

CB - Virgil Van Dijk (90)

VVD is one of the best defenders in the world but as with Matthäus, it’s time to upgrade. The standard gold card just won’t do it anymore with so many players being released with 98+ pace. We’d suggest upgrading to TOTS Saliba or the more expensive option of TOTY Van Dijk.

LB - Roberto Carlos (88)

We’ve got a super easy fix for his left back slot. Upgrade to Roberto Carlos. Just like with Matthäus he’s still a really good player to have in your team, he just needs the upgrade to his better version. His 91 prime version is currently out as an SBC and with the amount of fodder packs currently available, he should be attainable very easily. 


CDM - Ruud Gullit (86)

He kicks off the midfield with another icon who is very popular amongst pro players but is using a version slightly behind the power curve. We aren’t going to suggest other versions of Gullit as they’re a tad expensive but we will suggest two more PL options, either TOTS Casemiro or TOTS Bruno Guimarães. Casemiro is the more defensive minded option with Bruno being a bit more attacking. 

CDM - João Cancelo (90)

Cancelo might have two league titles to his name this season but that doesn’t mean he can stay. There is only one card we think should replace him in the midfield, James McAtee. He needs to have words with EA Sports and get himself a 99 rated pro player card sorted. 99 in every stat would be the perfect central midfielder for his team. 

CAM - Lionel Messi (92)

World Cup winner Lionel Messi is the first attacker in the team and in our opinion the POTM version can still do a job. The attacking midfield role isn’t a priority for an upgrade, any Messi card is fantastic if you’re not heavily reliant on just pace. 

CAM - Neymar (90)

Just like with Messi we don’t see the need for an upgrade on the other side of the pitch unless it’s to another version of Neymar. 5 star skills and 5 star weak foot give this card such an advantage over other options so we’re happy with James to stick with Neymar here. 


ST - Mohamed Salah (92)

For the first striker spot we’re actually going to suggest a striker who is cheaper than Salah and it’s TOTS Harry Kane. We were lucky enough to pick up Kane in our FUT Champions rewards and since then has been relied upon every weekend. Salah is good but the 3 star weak foot really lets him down. Put the Engine chemistry style on Kane and you won’t look back. 

ST - Kylian Mbappé (91)

No need for a change in the other striker spot, James knows what he’s doing here. FIFA 23 could run for another year and Mbappé would still be one of the best strikers in the game. There’s a reason his gold card is still costing more than 250k as we’re nearing June. 

We know that James’ team may need a few upgrades but when you’re busy balling out in The Championship and winning promotion, we can’t really blame him. Massive congratulations to James and Sheffield United on promotion, we’re hoping to see his updated team now he’s got a few weeks off!


Which players would you upgrade James’ team with?

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