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96 - Icon
By ashwin3, 13-05-2018

It's an absolute honor to be able to own this Ronaldo card. He's just absolutely spectacular, and all the trouble I went through in getting him was totally worth it. His value being over 4.5M at all times makes it impossible to get for any regular FUT player. I managed to get him through SBC, and I had to sell some of my key players such as Salah OTW, Prime Rijkaard, Prime Larsson (used him as the base icon striker for the SBC) etc to get him. I got fortunate in getting De Bruyne and Fernandinho in the PL TOTS SBC to be able to sell off Salah, Rijkaard and Larsson to finally go for Ronaldo (otherwise, my overall team would've been weaker if I had gone for Ronaldo without KdB/Fernandinho).

Everything I'd read about Ronaldo prior to getting him are all sooo true. He's got electric pace, gets into some fabulous position (particular for crosses, as he always seems to unmarked or the cross finds him!) and dribbling is brilliant as well. His finishing is just a joke. It doesn't matter where you take the shot from, he'll score for ya. I thought his passing was definitely better than what some had described earlier. Defensively you can't hope for a lot from him, but better to save his stamina and not track back with him a whole lot. Speaking of his stamina, the reason why I say that is because it can be problematic if the game goes to extra time.

Overall, just an unbelievable, unbelievable card and I'd highly recommend going for it, if the opportunity arises, through the SBC. Even if it means the rest of your squad isn't as good filled with IFs etc. He's very much worth it!!

  • Finishing is a joke, by far the best in FIFA (and I've played with other strikers such as 90 Henry, 90 Larsson, 94 Lukaku, 91 Salah, 92 Neymar etc)
  • Incredible at finding and running into space, particularly behind the defense, if you can find him with a through ball or a pass
  • Passing is very good too, better than what's been described
  • Great header of the ball from crosses, better than his PHY would have you believe
  • Dribbling is terrific too
  • Only thing i can think of is his stamina if the game goes to extra time. No other weaknesses apart from that.
Formation: 3412
Position: ST
Games: 34
GPG: 1.97
APG: 0.68
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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