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87 - TIF
Best CAM in FIFA 18
By DavideTala, 19-06-2018

I wrote a review on 86 kramaric a couple weeks before this one came out, but i've gone through an experimental period after making 320k profit by packing TOTS KDB in a shitty squad battles reward pack so i've only tried 87 kramaric yesterday for 4 games.

i picked him up for 25.5k (the market is well dead) and i slapped engine on him this time, because his shot is already insane.

of course, he's a machine. i tried a lot of players at cam lately (87 son, 84 alessandrini, 87 firmino, 84 keita balde) and he outperforms them by a mile

PACE: 8/10. not amazing, but feels good enough, especially with that 95 acceleration that makes him deadly in tight spaces. if you want your cam to sprint at defenders he's not your man

SHOOTING: 10/10. absolutely insane, scores any type of goal be they powerful longshots, finesse long shots, 1v1 close shots, low drivens. he very rarery misses a shot, he's a goal machine

DRIBBLING 10/10. very, very good. he moves quickly and keeps the ball glued to his feet. he's so good you don't even need to use them 4*SM to humiliate any CDM and CB, you just need LB-RB/L2-R2.

PASSING: 9/10 just because i don't use long passing and they seems pretty tragic. however his short passing is borderline perfect for quick, short, close combinations with my strikers

PHYSICAL: 8/10. of course he isn't the strongest but can hold his own with 77 strength / 83 aggressionm which is very useful for my playstyle.

DEFENDING who cares really. i can tell you tho that he lightly presses opponents and sometimes recover balls but nothing to write home about.

WORKRATES/MOVEMENT: 10/10. i just love M/M on a cam in 4312. he's never too forward or too far back which means he's the best glue beetwen midfield and attack, and when i'm attacking he makes perfect runs forward and backward to be able to recieve the ball in a good position to take a shot or make a pass

Overall, this is the best card i've used throughout the whole of fifa 18 without a doubt (batshuayi, boateng, pogba, son and martial are absolutely amazing but still not quite like kramaric) so you must pick him up if you are still rocking with a bundesliga/hybrid around 200-300k at this stage of fifa, or if you just want a sick supersub

Shooting (long shots, finesse shots, 1v1 situations)

Dribbling (agility, ball control)

Physical (decent strength + aggression)

Short passing (i don't really use long passes)

Weak foot (Not quite Son, but still pretty good)

None for me, but probably sprint speed and no son-like weak foot

Formation: 4312
Position: CAM
Games: 4
GPG: 1.00
APG: 1.25
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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