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90 - FOF
Damn, he is way better than i thought
By Ednet34, 27-06-2018

Thirst of all i have to say that he is awesome.....But: When you play Online he is just a good Player for Build Up Play.

He is not the strongest, fastest, the best shooting or best defense but he is alright in all of these things.

If you play Squad battles on the other Hand it is something different; his passing is godlike----sometimes he chips the ball over the defense and kane sweats it on zaha to score.

Or the CPU is in the middle, you make a 1-2 pass with fabregas and he is overlapping the defense and scores.

His runs are just amazing.

He scored so one game against a 191 squad he made 4 goals against De Gea...he just felt like a Cheat.

He was on a crossing positin, shoots and de gea 94 motm cant get it.

And btw i play all of my games on legendary an win them 45 times out of 45 times....(i win all the games) in the end i finish with 110-115k points and im top100 most of the time

In offline mode he is crazy good, he scores and delivers the 2nd ball and so on

In Online modes he is just usable for passing. The rest is not usable

Formation: 4222
Position: CAM
Games: 14
GPG: 0.93
APG: 0.07
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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Well worth the effort

Having read the first review on here, I felt like I needed to give a more balanced opinion. Fabregas suits the type of player who is prepared to be patient in the build up and loves a bit of tika-taka. I weighed up the the chemistry style options and decided to go with Engine and I played him at LCM in a 4-3-2-1. A huge improvement on his 86 rated card and a much better option than the FUT festival Santi Carzola card. I...
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Not that bad and I'll tell you why :)

Saw a very negative review for this card and decided to write one that I believe will be more fair to the card. At this stage of FIFA u can find a lot of far better player than this 90 Cesc Fabregas, of course. But this doesn't exactly means there's no enjoyment here.
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Good at CAM but there are better choices

Packed him as untradable and played in 4-3-3(4). First tried him at CM then quickly gave up because he is such a liability from defensive perspective. Basically zero contribution for defense. Matic, Bakayoko, Gueye are all better choices than him at CM. However he played pretty well at CAM. Great one touch passing and decent finishing. Played ~50 games for me with ~20 goals and ~40 assists. However there are just many other...
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