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86 - SBC
Kevin the Bomber
By Ringmeister, 11-09-2018

So...It is two weeks before the release of FIFA 19 which most of us have already pre-ordered by now......I own 13 super teams packed with 80 or so TOTS, End of Eras, Futties and World Cup Player of the matchday cards....I have bought most TOTS but not all had a staying power in my team and were subsequently sold, so whoever made any of my teams by now is pretty special. Yet I am writing a review about Nations SBC Kevin Strootman, the unsung hero of Italian football. I used his base card in my Serie A team for a while and I knew how wonderful and commanding this lad felt on the ball. His left foot contains properties to be displayed in a museum or a science symposium. I scored so many 30 yard bangers with his nuclear left foot that I lost count. From all the Nations' SBCs his was the only one that I completed.

He is tall, confident, assured, commanding and utterly graceful in the midfield with an amazing touch on the ball. He uses the combination of his physical strength and his amazing ball control to an exemplary effect in order to get passed opponents in the midfield and then make a wonderful pass to advance play upfront. He is as effective in playmaking as he is in breaking up the play which makes an ideal CM, I don't ever use him as a CDM as I find this position to underutilises his ability and flair. To me Kevin Strootman is simply the best Long shot taker in the game. To put this into context I will list whom I consider to be the best Long shot takers in the game below:

TOTS Anderson Talisca, End of an Era Danielle De Rossi (95), TOTS Leon Goretzka, TOTMD Jesse Lingard, TOTS Neymar, TOTS Luiz Gustavo, TOTS Jonas, TOTS Bruno Fernandes, TOTS Pjanic, TOTS Higuain, CEH Wayne Rooney, CEH Marchisio, 86 rated SIF Pizzi and last but not least TOTMD Paulinho. All of the above superstars were tested throughout the year for their long shooting ability and came on top. However the crown goes to the great Kevin who makes 30 yard goals a walk in the park every single time. I cannot stress how broken he is on the long shot department and coupled with the rest of his abilities make for an incredible card. Hunter card is a must to make the most of his pace and shooting.

King of the Tempo playmaking, Best long shot taker in the game (left foot) ,commanding presence in the midfield, Strength, marking, tackling, passing, ball control, effective use of his strength to dribble pass opponents.

Strootman is relatively slow for FIFA 18 standards but his utterly unique use of his physique and strength disguises that brilliantly as he can pass everyone with the help of his excellent ball control. As his main strength is tempo playmaking I would not recommend him to a player who uses a lot of counter attacking or is completely neurotic about extremely fast gameplay.

Formation: 4312
Position: CM
Games: 38
GPG: 0.39
APG: 0.21
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Very simply to get, but really shock me. Worth very penny you spend. Cause I managed a PL team so the chemistry dose fit, i alway use him as a sub in CAM 4-2-2-2.Ten game ten goals, and i have to mention ALL LONG SHOTS OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!
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a unsong hero

i got him in a pack and didn't feel like selling him after i got him in cdm role he started out as someone i didn't really notice and thought that i might as well sell him but before i sold him i gave him 3 last games (i usually do this i'm weird tbh) and i looked at his detailed statistics after every game and i was shocked at how much work he puts in he had some great defending great passing rates and some key pass...
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The Worst CM in FUT

So I've used a fair amount of central midfielders this year, with the likes of OTW Sigurdsson, IF Mooy and Moussa Dembele taking the cake for the very best. I recently completed the Russian League SBC and decided to build a team around that sweet, sweet Quincy Promes card. I threw Robben on 7 chem at ST and whacked scream depay on the left. I needed to link the Dutchies in my team to a meta combo of Lazio players that I lik...
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