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Serge Aurier - 90 - UCL LIVE
Imagine Akinfenwa's Strength on a DEMIGOD
By Puppy98389, 31-12-2018

So basically i needed a link to POTM Lucas and this card came out relatively recently and i was like ooh i can flex on this Div 5 rivals players and Weekend league noobs with this super flashy Serge Aurier card but im glad i decided to clout up my team. This man has the strength of two nuclear bombs in his arms. I have witnessed this man literally demolish any fool who dares to run the wings. If you've ever seen Broly from Dragon Ball Z this is basically him reincarnated as a military weapon of mass destruction. Playing him at RB with a shadow chem gives him the speed and defensive capabilities of Varane if he did cocaine. Honestly if you see this guy on the opposing team expect a player on your team to run away in fear or fake an injury just to avoid getting massacred by the BEHEMOTH that is 86 Aurier. He also can easily leap buildings and by that I mean he is probably the only non icon player with the ability to beat Aubameyang in heading.

-Speed (with shadow)

-Jumping (easily could get a gold in pole vault without the pole)

-Defense (im fairly certain this stat never matters if the player has speed, jumping, and physicality but he makes clean tackles and is very aggressive)

-He could easily shatter the Earth in two but instead he uses his strength to beat attackers like CR7 and Aubameyang

-Hes a defender so his shot isn't the best but if you want a corner rocket it at the keeper

-Dribbling every weapon of mass destruction has a downside and his dribbling is a slight one he won't be able to fly past defenders but he can manage if used properly


Formation: 451
Position: RB
Games: 16
GPG: 0.06
APG: 0.00
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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I got him untreadeble, so he's a starter since ever and forever, as an 86 as he is now he just won't let anyone get through him, literally, his side on the field is the side you won't have any trouble, doesn't matter if u r facing douglas costa or neymar (if it is the TOTY might matter) he's just a wall, as stronger as my CB and as faster as the wingers he matches against, attackers can't score headers on the backpost if he...
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when looking for a good bpl right back people normally look to popular ones e.g valencia, walker, pereira. however i thought i would try out aurier, as i had not played anyone this fifa with him. i purchased him and applied a anchor chem style, and he was absolutely unbelievable. his pace goes up to a solid 84 which is adequate for catching up with attackers, due to defender catchup. His defending is sublime (with an anchor...
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The Cards Likely Final Review (88 Overall)

I have had the privilege to use this fantastically fun card for the past month. let me start off by saying that some players in FIFA leave you with an impression, this is added too when they have their own ingame real face and unique ingame differences such as this mans double white sweat bands, it makes him stand out you see so you can't miss him on the field. He reminds me very much of Kante but overall ...
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