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Bobby Moore Review
By callummm, 11-02-2019

I've used Bobby Moore for a couple of days now, and he's actually quite decent. I paired him alongside both Sergio Ramos and Dayot Upamecano(both packed and untradeable) in the weekend league and division rivals. He was good with Sergio Ramos, but with FFS Upamecano, he really shined.

Height:Obviously a major con is his height, which isn't even that bad due to his jumping. In most games he does win most headers. An example would be that today in FUT Champions(FInishing in gold 2) he beat out FFS Calvert Lewin to a header. This is notable since Calvert Lewin is 4 inches taller than Moore and has 92 jumping.

Physicality: He is physically able to cope with the best of strikers, and is able to muscle off the strongest of players. He was able to completely shut down stronger players like lukaku. His stats do seem deluded, as he does perform better than his stats suggest(like most icons).

Defending: Defensively he is incredible, especially due his AI which is quite intelligent. I don't tend to use AI defending, but when I am not controlling Moore, he cuts out the passing lanes very well and is able to intercept and step up to win the ball, 96 times out of 100. His slide tackles are very good if you time them correctly, and it helps to make up for his lack of pace. His standing tackles are very good, and when you jockey with him, you are extremely likely to win the ball back.

Blocking: He blocks shots to an incredible degree. He's made goal line saves, even when I wasn't controlling him. He's a real menace when it comes down to narrowing angles and

closing in on shots.

Interceptions: Feels like 99, intecepts everything, steps up and wins even more. Best intercepter that I have used PERIOD.

Standing Tackles: I mainly defend while jockeying, and mainly use Upamecano to really get in the faces of the striker, but when Moore tackles, he almost always wins the ball back.

Heading: His heading is very good, he can direct it to any player, and he is always in the right position to make the header.

Marking: INCREDIBLE. He's always in the right position at the right time. He is always goal side of the defender and never loses his man.(I can't say the same about Upamecano, but

with him you can move him and control him so that he marks the passing lanes)

Passing: Incredible, I have played him in midfield and as a CB and his passing is very good. he is able to find Flashback Ibra with ease, and is able to lob balls forward, or over onrushing forwards with ease.

Versatility: He is able to play in the middle of the park and also as a cb. As a cm, you can see his defensive abilities really show, as he interecepts a lot, passes well, and wins most headers.

Pace: His pace isn't good, but his positioning means you don't really find him sprinting back. Unless there's a corner, you should be fine. If you have pacey defenders, like I do, they can help him recover, or you can cover the space and make runs closer to the box(when chasing a winger) in order to catch up to him. His sliding tackles really help him make up for the pace. I do recommend using Drop Back tactics for him, as it really suits his play style.

Dribbling: His dribbling is actually very good for a defender, and I do try flickups and skills with him, so its fine.

3 star skills: able to do many good skills like step overs and heel to heels, really helps him play out from the back, and helps him play out of pressure.

Ball control: His first touch is very good for a centerback, and you should not find him losing any balls because of it.

Reactions; He is always the first to react, which really helps him win the ball back quickly and efficiently

Agility and Balance: he is incredibly easy to manuever when jockeying or when tracking runs. He turns well, and feels lighter than most cb on the ball.

Shooting: I haven't scored with him, and I haven't tried.(I often keep him back for corners to win the ball back and use his distribution to restart the attack.

Crossing: I also haven't used him in wide positions.





Passing(long and short)




Links( hard to link outside of english players)

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CB
Games: 42
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (6/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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