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90 - FUT Birthday SBC
Absolutely incredible
By Ivandefalco4, 08-04-2019

My team was already good,but I needed a real game changer.I am a div 4 player and average gold 3 in WL.When this Perisic came out,I said:I need it.After 5 days I completed it.After some matches,I wasn't enthusiastic (used as ST).Then I switched him CF,behind flashback Villa and,oh my god,he is absolutely incredible.He is really fast,his stamina is really good (he is not tired even in ET)his shot is really powerful and clinical,his heading is really good and he can physically fight with a lot of elite defenders,his dribbling is good,but sometimes he feels a bit clunky because of balance(not the best).I've completed a lot of SBC's,this is by far the best I've ever done.I paid him only 200k because I had some players in my club,and for that price he is an absolute steal







He has only one little con,not really evident


Formation: 4411
Position: CF
Games: 26
GPG: 1.08
APG: 0.31
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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The cheapest CR7 you can get.

IntroductionI'm not the richest of FUT players, i don't use real money to play games; everytime there is new good enough Serie A/Premier League player, i make sacrifices to get him, i exchange some of my best untradeables which i don't often use to do the SBCs.I did the David villa FB SBC, as i had the players to spare for just 60k more, in fact, i panicked, i tought there won't any pla...
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80 finishing? Try with 95++?!

This guy is arguably the best striker I have used in this game. And I have tried many!! The card simply feels broken, it says only 80 finishing but he finishes everything!!I have 22 games with him, DIV 3 and Weekend Leauge. He has 23 goals and 15 assists. Add to that it is very likely Inter will go a long a way in the Europa Leauge. its ...
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Perisic in Fifa 19 is a godsend. His body type and stats fit the game mechanics nicely. Five star weak foot is just great and 4 star skills is great. Finishing is impeccable and his finesses is amazing. Dribbling - no complaints there. His pace is just too good. With a finisher he is the best. Boys, Id higly recomend this card and if you dont have the coins, buy 82 Visca ( 4-4 Star)
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