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99 - TOTY
The funniest player i've used this FIFA
By nikork26, 13-04-2019

I was tired of this game... the rebounds, the handicap, and all the thing you guys will actually know. So i decided to

buy those players that makes me hype to play with them, and certainly one of them was my favorite player, Lionel Messi

He is expensive, for that price yo can get 98 Pelé, 93 Gullit or TOTY Mbappe,

and ive tried Gullit and Mbappe before Messi, so i think i can give you good opinions.

First of all, His PACE, like in real life, from 0 to 100 in 1 second, his ACCELERATION is unreal,

an with his hight he feels faster than other players like Rashford or even 91 Mbappe,

i think hes equal with TOTY Mbappe in this area, but the difference will come in the next areas.

Shooting: Perfect shooting, his left foot of dreams and an amazing right foot as well, Long shots with power or with finesse shot, amazing, his finishing

is just unreal, everytime hes in the right position in the right moment, like in the real life.

i think his shooting is better than mbappe´s, but only behind in the fact that mbappe can do the tornado + volley.

Passing: OMG, his passing, ive tried Modric TOTY and with him the best passing ive tried, i thought that the passing wouldnt make that a difference,

but the passes that messi makes, wow, just wow. Free kicks, every free kick i had before, i played in short, but with messi...

its lovely, down the wall, over the wall, with curve, the roberto carlos style, its just another game, its so fun.

Dribbling: Its MESSI, the king of dribbling, and you get what you expect, apart of that he doesnt have the 5* skill moves, hes perfect,

perfect ball control, agility feels 99, composure, balance, reactions, its just PERFECT, the best dribbler ive used,

you really feels that you are playing with the real messi, its really really fun.

Defense: Its actually really good, with his amazing pace he gets a hell of balls back!

Physicall: This is the main reason this card has that price difference, 99 STAMINA, You can enjoy this player 120 minutes without complains.

This mixed with his 82 STRENGHT, hes not Ibrahimovic, but his balance plus strenght makes him feel like the messi we see every weekend.

He has amazing jumping, ive scored a few goals with the head, winning the header in front of david luiz, davinson sanchez, or even ferdinand.

He has all the traits and specialities you want, from finesse shot to AEREAL TRAIT

If you are tired of the "competitive" boring game, you definitely must to try this card, it gave to me the fun to play this game, its sooo good, soo fun, its just the best

player ive used, the pace of TOTY Mbappe, the shooting of Ronaldo, the passing of TOTY Modric, the dribbling is just unique, and the 99 stamina of dreams...

Hes just the GOAT

  • Pace, just the fastest with TOTY Mbappe
  • Shooting of dreams, just like Ronaldo, feels 5* weak foot
  • Passing, at the level of the bests
  • Physical, 99 stamina, 82 strenght and even 99 jumping...
  • Dribbling king, the GOAT

You can have more than 1 of them in your team.... , and he hasnt got the 5* skill moves, but who cares, he doesnt need that!

Formation: 4231-2
Position: CAM
Games: 36
GPG: 1.17
APG: 0.67
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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