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Icon tier
By TwoHighGuysPlayFIFA, 22-12-2018

Hello everybody! And welcome to another player review. A little intro about who we are and why we doing this.

Me and my roommate we share our FIFA account and split the games, we play one half each and it actually works pretty well, half stress and if one of us does not win the game, the other one will. We usually end up on Elite 3 - Gold 1, so I guess we are decent players. We play beautiful FIFA, don’t do that timed finished long shots meta bulls***,we have original and unique teams and love this game as much as you probably do.

And you must be wondering soo what, we don’t care , please go for the review.Not yet.

We decided we should start doing FIFA players reviews because honestly, there is no player reviewer out there who seems we can trust. There is this ugly bold guy on youtube who is less reliable and annoying than anybody, and that’s pretty much it. So we thought that the FIFA community deserves good reviews for players, from people who plays decent FIFA, plays a lot, and don’t do it for the views, just honest reviews who can be trusted. And that’s how it’s going to be!! We’ll eventually upload a video review on to our youtube channel with some good plays and goals so you can check it better.

So, lets start with the review.

We needed a good center back and when we saw his live item we couldn’t just ignore him. This review is based on his 86 rated card, latest upgrade.

This is the team we played him in : and these are his games played with us (second time we have him)

He is so fucking good, icon level, and we have tried a lot (Ramos, Varane, Campbell prime, 88 Desailly, 88 Maldini…). We first tried his NIF a couple months ago and he was pretty decent, but this card wow, it is good man. For 300k its the best center back you can buy, and if PSG goes through the next round, you have a center back until TOTS at least.

He is fast. Like a lot. Like pretty fast. Like if you give last year bailly 10 ifs. That fast.

His dribbling is super good for a center back, great ball control, agile, great reactions and composure. 10/10

His passing is actually surprisingly good, both his short and long passing. That passing on a cb is such a great bonus, never misses a pass. 10/10

Defending. Man, he is good. He is always in the right place no matter he’s got H/M workmates, he will just intercept the ball. His tackling is great and he barely missis any tackle. I could explain myself more but honestly is not needed, you just need to know that he is really good and you can’t ask for anything else. 12/10

Physical. He is strong. A lot. If Afinkewa and Cambell had a daughter who married Lukaku and had a child, thats how strong he is. He is 189( f***English system, this is the International system, so sick of seeing 6’1 or whatever that sh*** is) and wins most of the headers even though his jumping isn’t a lot. 10/10

Hope this review helped you, if you reconsidering adding him into your team do it, you won’t regret it.

He is fast. A lot

His defending is godly, top tier

Great passing and dribbling for a cb

Strong and tall.

Great nation

No cons this time, sorry :(

Formation: 4231
Position: CB
Games: 400
GPG: 0.01
APG: 0.01
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)