Pizzi: The Perfect Midfielder
By mattyf777, 26-12-2018

I don't understand this. Really. How is it possible I can get this card for 23k (PC)?! I get that his league is not the best one to link, but the way he feels in game is just worth so much more. I play him in 4-1-2-1-2 narrow as CM next to Pogba and I can honestly say, that Pogba's been living in Pizzi's shadow ever since I got him. There's just something special about him it feels sooooo good. When you look at his stats, you can clearly see the reason. He’s an amazing all-round player with tons of possibilities of using him. Fast, agile, can shoot, can pass, can defend, highly composed, 4* weak foot… You get almost everything with this card. The only downside to him would be 3* skills (if this is something that bothers you). He’s a perfect midfielder apart from that!


Lots of people seem to complain about linking him, but it’s not actually that hard. It’s an adventage that he plays in Portugal, because I finally got quite good way to link my UCL Live Alex Telles. I bought Telles as soon as he was released and struggled with getting him to 10 chem ever since. The Brazilian players don’t really suit me and there was nothing in NOS Liga, Apart from UCL Felipe who’s got perfect link to Telles. Felipe is not as bad as his stats might suggest, but he is just not the defender I’d want to play the whole FIFA. Thanks to Pizzi I could finally get rid of Felipe and buy Ruben Dias instead. He’s not the fastest player in the world, but with anchor you actually get a really dependable option. I also love his 96 aggression. Thanks to his perfect link to Pizzi you can get great triangle with full chem.

Let’s get back to Pizzi’s stats now.



Even though he is not the fastest player in the entire galaxy, his pace feels good. Especially for a midfielder. 85 acceleration makes him in combination with his amazing dribbling really mobile. He doesn’t feel sluggish unlike some other midfielders. The fact that his pace is this high means you actually don’t have to compensate the lack of it with chem styles like you’d have to do with other players. You can slap on him whatever you want. If you want great attacking midfielder, use maestro and enjoy that 91 rating at CAM. If you want nice ball-playing CDM, slap sentinel on him and enjoy his almost Gullit Gang versatility. If you want deadly striker, use sniper and enjoy that 95 finishing alongside with 93 positioning, 91 volleys, 89 agility, 94 dribbling, 93 composure and 89 stamina. Incredible, isn’t it?



This is one aspect of his game I didn't really expect. I knew his shooting was quite good, but I never imagined he'd score so many goals. I only played a handful of matches with him, but he's already proven you can rely on him in front of goal. Because of his 88 positioning and 80 finishing you always find him in the right place at the right time ready to put the ball in the back of the net.



Pizzi is one of those players you really enjoy passing with. His 87 vision, 87 short passing, 86 long passing and 87 curve make him capable of finding any player anywhere on the pitch. Anytime.



I feel like I keep saying the same thing again and again. His dribbling feels great. The one stat that really stands out here is his composure. I think it’s the real reason why he is so good at whatever he does. When I compare Pizzi to other high rated midfielders I also played with (Modric, UCL Live Hamšík, IF Pjanic, Kroos or even Pogba), he is so much more reliable thanks to his higher composure.



His defending stats aren’t the best in the world, especially when you compare them to the likes of Kante or UEL Live Kondogbia. But I think he doesn’t really need to have them at the position I play him. All I need is standing tackle and interceptions and even though those are not super high either, it’s enough and I don’t have any problem with it whatsoever.



This is the part I was most concerned about before I bought him. I really hate when my midfielders are weak and are constantly ran over by the likes of Pogba or icon midfielders. To my surprise this is yet to happen. He doesn’t feel as strong as Pogba. Of course not. But he just seems to be kinda alright. His stamina is a big plus and he can run all around the pitch for 90 minutes without getting exhausted.


Positioning and finishing




4* weak foot


Strength (not as big deal as stat suggest)

3* skils (for someone who cares about it)

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CM
Games: 7
GPG: 0.86
APG: 0.43
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (7/10)