84 - Normal
Leno, wellcome to the bpl
By banyone, 29-10-2018

First of all sorry about my English, isn't my main language and its my first review but i will do my best.

As every year before the game gets out i plan what players i will start with, and as always bpl is there to satisfy my early/mid/late teams, and as always the same question which goalkeeper to start with, and after a quick research on the goalkeepers list i decided leno was the best choice stats for money choice, at that moment i didn't know that he was going to be my GK for so long.

I've tried Ederson, kasper, alisson (regular and champions edition), lloris, adán, asenjo, neto(regular and champions edition) and Lehmann (88) and after all those keepers on my goal, and all the others i've faced in my 252 games Leno is my man. consistent in 1 vs 1, saves some long shots, good on corners and despite his kicking good with the ball.

All this with basic chem

  • He is tall 1,90 (6'3") and it makes easier to get some balls
  • He dives like superman when needed ( do not expect to save those well time finishing shots that no one can do )
  • He is on the right side at the right time
  • He can make some glorius last time feet/hand saves on 1 vs 1
  • Sometimes his handling makes him to allow some second chances that shoulnd't be there
Formation: 433-3
Position: GK
Games: 116
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)