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What a ******* Beast!
By Javifergar92, 30-12-2019

What a player man...

First of all, i´m a spanish guy and my english is not good enough, sorry for the gramatic mistakes.

I try Drogba in a 4-4-2 between Kylian at STs and.. wow.

Is very big in the pitch and is so far the better striker in the game before the great icons (Ronaldo, Eusebio, Pele)

I think is like CR7, but with 90+ strenght he can fight with VVD and not sweat . And also like Ibra tots last year, with 90 of pace.

In 35 match, he broke all my team records. 56 goals and 28 assists.

My recomendation is pull him engine or hunter and go to destroy opponents.

Is certanly that he is not very good at pass, but if you play with CAM that´s not a problem.

·Pace. He is not Eusebio or Kyllian, but with the pace+strenght he has, he is like a very good runner.

·Strenght. Wow man, wow. In the begining of Fifa 20, i hate play versus VVD or Pique Scream because even if they aren´t sprinters, with there strenght they pulled my kyllian away every match. With Drogba these not happen.

·Shotting. His best stat. Don´t foul anything. Header (yes, you read right) with the left, with the right, freekick, penalty kicks..

·Defense. WTF I´m reading. Man.. if you pull back this guy at middle center, is a CDM more. And with his stamina he can run fast to the area and kick the ball before VVD blink his eyes!!

· A bit clunky. Yes, he isn´t Messi, All knows these, but in delay games is right he turn into a way of Busquets.

·Pass. Again, yes, he isn´t Messi. He doesn´t the best assists in the game, therefore he only take over to run, shoot, and score beautiful goals

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 35
GPG: 1.60
APG: 0.80
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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